GW2 Current Events II: Dragon Energy, Consortium and Lionguard


With the June 1st update it became even more clear that the ley line energy is acting weird. Not only is the energy much more ferocious than it used to be, there are also so many more places where you can see it flowing and it just makes sense that more people and organizations are interested in the ley line events (as we can read in the Patch notes). In both Mount Maelstrom and Snowden Drifts there is more activity in several places and there are some scouts checking on them occasionally, but this time the focus seems to be on the events in Blazeridge Steppes. Here the Inquest tries to capture the Ley-Energy Coalescence using Ley Capacitors they stole from the Consortium.

That the Priory is one of the parties interested is not really a surprise. They have been researching ways to defeat the Elder Dragons and energy like this is of course interesting to them. Fortunately they are Pact members, they are on our side and it is obvious that we should help them out with doing this event. The other two parties may seem a bit strange, but if you just think of it, it makes sense to see them around here. Both the Inquest as well as the Consortium have everything to do with the asura race. The asura themselves have been studying dragons and dragon energy (or ley line energy) for decades, longer even. When Primordus stirred and awoke it caused the asura to flee from the Depths of Tyria, what used to be their home. Just look at Rata Novus, constructed a long time ago, and where they did a lot of research on dragons and especially Primordus. Snaff (Zojja was his apprentice) did a lot of research on dragon energy and he discovered that every Elder Dragon radiated his own unique magical energy (hmmm, six dragons, six colors?), but he decided that it was to dangerous to continue.


Now the Inquest is an asuran organization, but unlike the asura from Rata Sum, they operate totally different and we have to fight them on many occasions. One of the most interesting Inquest has to be Kudu, who has been Snaff’s apprentice when he was working on the dragon energies, but where Snaff decided to abandon the research, Kudu continued with it. Both at the Thaumanova (assisted by Scarlet, who later used Energy Probes to drill for ley line energy) and Infinite Coil Reactor the Inquest did more research on this dragon energy. They are also a part of the Sinister Triade, Inquest, Nightmare Court and the Bandits (or as we know now, the White Mantle). That we see them around these events right now is not just logical but it’s also holds a threat that might be bigger than we can imagine at this time.

The last organization that is showing interest in these events is the Consortium. Now we don’t really know a whole lot about the Consortium, but what we do know is that it is a group of merchants and that Canach used to be one of their members in the past. Even though everything the Consortium does seems to be for the benefit and joy of others, their primary focus is making money at all costs. We can help them collect the energy (with a reward that surprisingly is money) and they seem to be on our side, but with the Consortium you never know if they have a hidden agenda. If you are wondering how it is possible that that group, who we know so little about, could design and construct those ley capacitor devices, you need to take into consideration that they were established by the asura and it would make sense if those asura also brought a lot of knowledge to the Consortium. The best evidence you can find are the Fractals, marketed as a Consortium tourist attraction: “A Dazzling New Attraction in Lion’s Arch”, even though Dessa denies any connection between the Fractals and the Consortium. If you look at the Ley Capacitors and compare the to the Ley Line Collectors in Rata Novus you’ll notice that they not only look a like, but they also have a similar purpose, collecting ley line energy. And those bundles of energy that drop are similar to the ones we see in Rata Novus. This makes me wonder if the Consortium had contact with the asura from Rata Novus and using the knowledge those asura had about dragon enery?


There is one other thing about this update that really made me wonder. And it has everything to do with Lion’s Arch. You can see ley line activity rising and found in places you could never see them. At first these spots seem random, around Scarlets drill (obvious of course) and in places around the Trader’s Forum; the Trading Post, bank and the Vaults. Maybe these spots are just following the routing of the ley lines, but what if something else is going on? Because there is something fishy going on in LA . And the first time I actually started to wonder what was going on there is when I entered Salvation Pass. In there you can find these weapon crates, belonging to the White Mantle, that have this emblem painted on it. And the weird thing is that this emblem actually belongs to the Lionguard. This makes little sense to me, why would the Lionguard actually help the White Mantle? They used to be the protectors of Kryta until the White Mantle showed up and started to controlling the lands, leaving only Lion’s Arch under the Lionguards protection. During Guild Wars Beyond they were on the same side as the Shining Blade, fighting the White Mantle, and them helping the White Mantle in current Tyria just makes no sense to me. I could start speculating about what is going on here, but there are just to many possibilities at this point; the Lionguard is responsible, one person in het Lionguard is responsible, the Consortium has something to do with it, it’s the Black Lion Trading Company, Evon Gnashblade or “Evon” Gnashblade and probably more I didn’t think of at all. But one thing is sure, the White Mantle have more connections than we know of at the moment.

2 thoughts on “GW2 Current Events II: Dragon Energy, Consortium and Lionguard

  1. Nice article, although i would disagree with one point:

    The other two parties may seem a bit strange, but if you just think of it, it makes sense to see them around here. Both the Inquest as well as the Consortium have everything to do with the asura race.

    Finding Inquest being interested in ley-line energy is, in my opinion not strange at all, quite contrary. They pursue the knowledge and power no matter the casualities, and since the ley-lines are now a thing, and are so easily accesible on the surface, i woud consider strange if i they were not interested. Especially that they have a base in Blazeridge steppes, in fact, very close to 2 ley ‘leaks’.

    1. I absolutely agree with you there. The Inquest already did so much research on the Elder Dragons and dragon energy, even causing the explosion at the Thaumanova Reactor. But for people that never really spent time enjoying the story in GW2 or who only experienced the HoT storyline, the involvement of the Inquest probably is less obvious.

      Thanks for your comment though 😀

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