How to: Easily collect 30 points in Hall of Monuments


Approximately one year ago, ArenaNet introduced us to Hall of Monuments (HoM), a feature enabling us to collect various rewards for Guild Wars 2 (GW2) even before it is released – by playing the oritiginal Guild Wars!

By declaring the achievements we have accomplished in GW to the chamber known as ‘The Hall of Monuments’ we can accumulate as many as 50 points in total. The first 30 points of these reward us with certain items, pets and titles to be used in GW2. The remaining 20 points (will) award us with some extra titles in GW2, more prestigious ones, and are naturally harder to collect.

Today we present you with a complete tutorial on how to easily and quickly collect the first 30 points of the HoM, which are considered the most substantial ones. Note that the method described herein is, in our opinion, the easiest. However, if you have any suggestions or comments you’d like to offer, we’d be more than happy to hear them and incorporate them in this guide.


We kick off with an FAQ:


Q: Guild Wars 2 sounds like it’s but a few months away. Is it worth spending money to buy the first game now?

A: In our opinion, yes! Although many years have passed since GW launched, it still is quite a lively game. The number of people playing GW these days is, still, quite considerable. Especially with the introduction of HoM, many ‘retired’ players have returned to harvest these rewards. Besides this very active community, which has always be one of the strongest points of GW, you will get initiated to the Lore of the Guild Wars franchise thus feeling more at home when GW2 arrives. Add to the above the fact that ArenaNet frequently offers new content to their game, even after all these years, and you see what value-for-money we’re talking about!

Q: Is it a certain, absolutely guaranteed fact that I will be able to collect the first 30 points before GW2 is released?

A: OF COURSE! With this guide we guarantee that you will collect these valuable and prestigious 30 points within only 1,5 month of quite relaxed gaming.

Q: Are these rewards significant in GW2? Will they make my character stand out from those who lack them?

A: ArenaNet has made it absolutely clear that these rewards will be of cosmetic nature alone. All awarded items will simply be unique skins for armor and weapons, which will be unobtainable otherwise. However, through use of the Transmutation Stones it will be possible to combine their appearance with the statistics of an equivalent item. So the answer is: yes, your character WILL stand you from the lot. Will he/she be a better, more powerful one? No, they will not.

Q: How will I claim my rewards in Guild Wars 2?

A: We do not know a whole lot about this yet. Only information we have so far is that we must link both games (GW and GW2) to the same NCsoft master account. When this is done, a NPC will appear in-game (GW2) who will transfer us to the HoM where the rewards will be claimed.

Now then, let us introduce some basic elements which are considered ‘common knowledge’ for the purposes of this guide.

Nomenclature and other Facts:

  • Although you only need to own just one of the 3 Guild Wars campaigns released (Prophecies [P], Factions [F], Nightfall [N]) plus the Eye of the North [EotN] expansion –since the Hall of Monuments is only accessible from this- , our guide assumes you own all 4 ‘games’. This is the easiest way to quickly unlock the required points.
  • ArenaNet, along with the introduction of the HoM feature for GW, provided us with an online application through which we can continuously monitor our progress towards our goal. Among other things, the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator enables us to see what rewards remain and which are the corresponding achievements to, well, achieve!
  • To monitor our progress using this ‘tool’, we only need to type in the name of any of the characters we have created in the GW game. Important: having bought all four games, you will have already unlocked the first 3 rewards! (through the “Accounts Linked” achievement).
  • It is of no importance at all what your main profession will be, or has been, your choice. At some point though, as it is underlined in our guide below, you will simply have to switch your secondary profession to Ranger, in order to claim some rewards more easily. However, if you are only now starting with your hero-to-be, do NOT select a Dervish or Paragon as a main profession since this choice will render you unable to compile the Kurzick and the Elite Luxon armors, respectively!
  • Tip: Although not strictly mandatory, it would be GREATLY to your benefit if you joined an experienced Guild. Community interaction in Guild Wars is an amazingly alive and rewarding thing, in all accounts, and it is more than certain that you will meet co-players more than willing to aid you to the goal at hand!

First things first:

Begin by creating your character. Our suggestion is to do so in either the Nightfall or the Prophecies campaign. Doing so will allow you early access to the Heroes, making your life easier. In any case, avoid creating your character in Factions – read on to see why!

Your primary goal is to complete ALL missions in Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall, including the bonus ones, along with the Eye of the North, War in Kryta and Hearts of the North main quests, having spent as little money as possible1.

Assuming you have begun with [N], the order in which you must complete all of the above is: Nightfall -> Factions -> Prophecies -> Eye of the North -> War in Kryta -> Hearts of the North

Important! Before taking on the final mission in [F] make sure you have read the part about the Monument of Fellowship, just below, and have finished everything having to do with the Ranger’s pets!

Having completed the content above, pay a visit to the HoM to deposit (offer) the items you collected. HoM contains five Monuments, four of which require a Monumental Tapestry to ‘activate’ (Monument of Honor is the exception).

Read on to find out what each Monument is about and what you will need to offer to each of them to gather the 30 points.

Monument of Honor (Titles):

You need to gather a total of 8/18 points from this Monument. Simply ‘declaring’ the 6 titles (3 Hero titles + 3 Protector titles) you have acquired by completing the missions from the 3 campaigns (including the bonus missions), will get you there!

  • You get 3 points just for buying all four games, as mentioned before (the “Accounts Linked” achievement)
  • You get 2 more points for ‘offering’ 1 of the 6 aforementioned titles
  • And you get 3 extra points for declaring any four or the remaining 5 titles

hom1Monument of Resilience (Armors):

You need to gather a total of 5/8 points from this Monument. It’s all about crafting the prestige armors for your character – certainly the most expensive part in your hunt for the rewards.

Selecting the easy path, you will need approximately 350k gold. It’s worth noting that you do not need to craft any of the head pieces for these armor sets, since they are not required for ‘offering’ to the HoM. So this leaves us with 4 pieces per set. Moreover, it is certain that by the time you finish all the campaign content you will have acquired at least 4 of the 5 armors you need to.

Here’s the math:

  • You get 1 point for offering either one of the two Marhan Grotto or the two Granite Citadel elite armors. Each one will cost you approx. 70k. If you have created you character with either of the [F] professions (i.e. Ritualist or Assassin), then you must instead craft the Exotic Armor – which costs around 70k.
  • 1 more point for either of the two Marhan Grotto or the two Granite Citadel elite armors, as in step#1. Each one will again cost you approx. 70k. If you have created you character with either of the [F] professions (i.e. Ritualist or Assassin), then you must instead craft the Imperial Armor – and that’s another 70k cheque.

To be able to offer an armor set to the HoM you must be wearing ALL the pieces –except the head!- before you interact with the Monument.*

Monument of Valor (Weapons):

Target points here are a mere 4/8. This can be easily achieved by offering 2 Oppressor’s Weapons and 3 Destroyer Weapons.

Oppressor’s Weapons can be acquired from the NPCs who appear at the left side of Lion’s Arch Keep , after the ending of the “The Battle for Lion’s Arch” (final quest of the ‘War in Kryta’ chain), in exchange for 10 Medal of Honor. Simply completing the ‘War in Kryta’ and the ‘Hearts of the North’ missions will have bought you 15 Medals of Honor. To get the remaining 5 for the second Oppressor’s weapon, you only need to trade in 125 War Supplies1 to the Shining Blade Forager.

Destroyer Weapons are crafted at Slaver’s Exile first level, by Balthor Coalforge. Each Weapon, complete with its material, costs around 35-40k gold. So, to end up with Destroyer Weapons, we will need almost 1.5 stack of War Supplies. Tedious, but all you need to do is farm for it, following the technique described at Appendix 1 at the end of this guide.

Caution! Once a weapon is offered to the HoM, it gets branded as ‘customized’ and so it cannot be offered a second time – nor traded of course. Furthermore, only one weapon of each type can be offered! This means that if you, for example, have already offered a Fire Staff, then a Water Staff cannot be offered as well (same type).

Points distribution:

  • 1 point for first Oppressor’s Weapon.
  • 1 more point for first Destroyer Weapon.
  • 2 points for the additional Oppressor’s (one) and Destroyer Weapons (two).

To offer these weapons to the HoM you simply have to have them in your inventory before you interact with the Monument.*

Monument of Fellowship (Heroes & Pets):

We claim 7/8 points from this Monument. To do so, we must offer 16 Heroes and 3 rare pets.

13 out of the 16 Heroes needed are ‘unlocked’ simply by completing the required content (see above), even without the secondary –bonus- quests. The remaining 3 Heroes are M.O.X. for a fact plus 2 of your own choice.

All Heroes, except M.O.X., must also have their armors upgraded before being offered to the Monument. To upgrade a Hero armor, certain items are required. The [EotN] Heroes’ armors will need  Cloths of the Brotherhood, while the [N] Heroes’ need Primeval Armor Remnants. The price for both range between 4-8k per piece, bought from players in the Kamadan american districts.

To use a Cloth of the Brotherhood to an [EotN] Hero, you simply:

  1. place 1 Cloth of the Brotherhood in your inventory
  2. add said Hero to your Party before speaking to Master Armorer Kor  (he resides at the Central Transfer Chamber)

To use a Primeval Armor Remnant to a [N] Hero, you simply:

  1. place 1 Primeval Armor Remnant in your inventory
  2. add said Hero to your Party before speaking to Armorsmith of Whispers  (he resides at the Gate of Anguish)


Additionally, you offer the Ranger’s pets in this Monument. To be able to offer a pet, it must have reached level 20. Upon doing so, you are given the Animal Companion Statue. What’s more, there are 3 rare pets which count as individual Statues. The process to follow here is this:

  1. When the time comes to deal with the whole pet thing, change your secondary profession to Ranger by talking to a profession changer. Naturally, you only need to do this if neither of your professions –primary or secondary- is Ranger!
  2. Equip Charm Animal on your skill bar. The goal is to charm the 3 aforementioned rare pets. Note: if you have already charmed a pet, it will accompany you ONLY as long as you have Charm Animal or Comfort Animal on your skill bar. Once you charm the pet you wish, you should replace Charm Animal with Comfort Animal so you can resurrect it. You will find this useful only while you are levelling the Imperial Phoenix pet (see next).
  3. First rare pet to breed is the Imperial Phoenix. Said pet spawns in Divine Path as a level 5 charmable animal. Divine Path is the area you come to upon completing the final mission in [F] campaign. This is the only rare pet that must be levelled all the way to 20 before it can be offered to the Monument. This is why we suggest you charm it as soon as you finish [F] for the first time, so it keeps advancing in levels as you go about with the remaining game content. You see now why we advised you to complete Factions second, right after Nightfall.
  4. When you take the Phoenix up to level 20 and offer it to the HoM, you should take it to some Pet Tamer and ‘park’ it there so you can charm the next pet (you can only have one charmed pet at any given time).
  5. After you complete “The Beak of Darkness” quest, charm the Black Moa pet.
  6. The Black Moa is already a level 20 pet so you go right ahead and offer it to the Monument. Again, after doing so, go hand it in to a Pet Tamer as before.
  7. The Black Widow is the hardest pet to charm. This is due to its spawning point: in the Underworld and not unless you complete certain quests! Easiest method to acquire it is by following this chain of quests: Clear the Chamber -> Restoring Grenth’s Monuments (simply take this quest, you do not need to complete it!) -> Wrathful Spirits. Caution! Do NOT accept the “Clear the Chamber” quest before you clear the first room from ALL mobs! Also, do NOT receive all offered quests from any quest giver NPCs you encounter, only those we proposed as mandatory.
  8. The Black Widow pet spawns upon completion of the “Wrathful Spirits” quest, near Grenth’s Statue in the Forgotten Vale. Charm her and teleport to HoM to offer her – she’s already at level 20. Important! When you offer her Animal Companion Statue to the Monument, DO NOT FORGET to offer the generic animal companion statue as well.

After all this hassle, we end up with:

  • 1 point for offering any Hero
  • 2 points for offering 4 additional Heroes
  • 1 more point for offering 5 more Heroes
  • 2 points for offering the Imperial Phoenix pet
  • 1 final point for offering the Black Moa, Black Widow, 6 Heroes and the Animal Companion statue.

To offer a Hero you must have him/her in your party at the time; to offer a pet you must have either of the “Charm Animal” or “Comfort Animal” skills equipped prior to interacting with the Monument.*

Monument of Devotion (Miniatures):

We need to accumulate 6/8 points from this Monument. Since miniatures mostly originate from birthday presents, what you need to do is buy some from the players in the Kamadan districts.

Caution! Before buying a miniature make sure it is not branded as ‘dedicated’, meaning it has already been used by the seller for offering. See the following image which appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the miniature on sale: note the inscription, “dedicated”! If a miniature has not been offered to the HoM, the last phrase will simply be absend.

miniatureTo achieve our goal we need 30 miniatures, 1 of which must be Rare (gold) and 1 must be Unique (green). General advice here is this: start buying the cheapest miniatures you find, which are those from the first birthday, and moving upwards. When you come to the point where you’ll have to buy the golden miniature(s), you only need 1 so you may very well choose to buy either the miniature Prince Rurik or the miniature Shiro, which come quite cheap normally. For the Unique miniature now, what you should do is craft the Black Moa Chick. Following is a table with current miniature prices (which vary greatly, depending on your bargaining skills!). This table will be updated when needed.

tableHoMCalculator at hand again:

  • 1 point for offering any miniature (except a rare or unique)
  • 1 more point for any rare miniature
  • 1 point for the Black Moa Chick
  • 2 additional points for the next 17 miniatures
  • 1 last point for offering another 10 miniatures

To offer a miniature you only need to have it in your inventory upon interacting with the Monument.*


You’ve done it! You have amassed your first 30 points in the Hall of Monuments! Our advice on what to do next? Enjoy the game! We know that playing Guild Wars merely for reward-hunting can, in part, ruin the fun and beauty of it. We are certain, nevertheless, you have gained some knowledge and got a taste for what this game is about, what it can offer you – and what a great, marvellous adventure Guild Wars 2 will be!



1) Gold Farming:
We said that you need to complete the game’s content (missions) while spending as fewer money as possible. What this translates to is: (a) have some seasoned player send you a good, solid build for the character (profession) you’ve selected; this will save you gold you’d waste buying skills which would be of no use to you. (b) do not spend money on armor pieces, especially at the beginning of the game, since eventually you’ll have to go out and buy the elite armor sets – the ones to dedicate to the HoM. You see, GW is a proof of the old saying: “money can buy you everything”!

Here’s why we present to you an easy, solo-able way of earning piles of it!

First of all, complete the War in Kryta chain of quests. Then go on to do the same with the Hearts of the North chain. This content comprises, amongst others, of four repeatable quests – last of which is, happily, very short. All four can be solo’d (i.e. no need to form party) and use pre-determined skills on your bar. By going through this last quest (‘Rise’) you receive, each time, 1k gold + 5 War Supplies + any gold you get for selling your drops + Confessor’s Orders (random drop). As an indication, note that 250 War Supplies (stack) sell for around 70-75k in the Kamadan market (american districts). What this boils down to is: you earn about 3 – 3.5k gold every 8 minutes (that’s the duration of each quest run)!

The trick to easily complete this quest is to position yourself behind your NPCs, so they get the aggro, while you use your last 3 (pre-determined, remember?) skills on them to keep them alive. In between, spam your other 5 skills on the enemies. Below is a good pattern for countering each attack wave:

riseThe numbers indicate the side and the turn in which each wave must be dealt with.

2) Amber / Jadeite Farming: The materials responsible for raising the price of the Elite Kurzick / Elite Luxon armor pieces are Amber and Jadeite , respectively (they cost 600-1000 gold a piece from the rare material trader). To deal with this expense, it is preferable to farm Amber Chunks and Jadeite Shards thru PvP. Doing either Fort Aspenwood or Jade Quarry runs, you accumulate Imperial faction, which you trade in for Kurzick faction to Hei Tsu (if you need Amber Chunks) or for Luxon faction (if you need Jadeite Shards). Exchange ratio is 5000 Imperial faction for 1 Amber Chunk or 1 Jadeite Shard. On average, in each PvP game you make 2.5 – 3k Imperial Faction. In order to complete the Elite armor sets then you need, roughly, about 120-140 PvP matches.

3) Vanguard Reputation Farming: To craft the Monument Armor you must first reach Rank 5 (Shadow Agent) of the Ebon Vanguard Rank. Farming Vanguard Reputation Points is a breeze if combined with the gold farming method described in Appendix 1. Each ‘Rise’ quest run yields 1.250 Vanguard Reputation Points. You will need a total of 26k Rep. pts to acquire this armor.

Questions? Amendments?

Have you spotted some errors in our guide? You need some point clarified or perhaps in-game help even? Do not hesitate to ask: come post your desire on the respective thread in our forum!

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