Hungry cats scavenger hunt – A guide

Following up from my previous article, The Cats of Tyria, I am going to guide you through a long but hopefully fun journey on this one. Much like a safari, only our aim is to capture our prey alive – better even, politely persuade it to follow us home ^^

Shamelessly enough, I started out to write the definitive Guide to the Hungry Cats Scavenger Hunt. Hands down, the best guides around are dulfy’s own. In this case however, and this is the only known exception to me, the official wiki page is actually more informative and complete! So then, what does my guide have to offer that the other two don’t? Well, if I did it right, it should be more fun to follow 🙂 On top of that, it should also be optimal in terms of minimum travelling around and time spent to complete the Hunt. Let’s get feeding then, shall we?

I will start by answering three questions that I think you will probably ask me:

a. Do I need to own any of the expansions?
Short answer: yes.
Longer version: all but 8 cats (and their food) can be found in ‘core’ game Tyria.
The eight… exceptional ones are:

  • inside the Super Adventure Box (SAB) –  special release
  • in Lake Doric (ghostly cat) – requires the HoT expansion
  • in Bitterfrost Frontier – requires the HoT expansion
  • in Ember Bay (2 cats) – requires the HoT expansion
  • inside a Living World instance – requires the HoT expansion
  • the Guardian’s cat – requires the HoT expansion
  • the Revenant’s cat – requires either expansion

What this translates to is: you can get 28/35 cats without any of the expansions, provided SAB is running (typically, a couple of weeks once every year). In fact, even a free account can get these 28 cats! For the remaining 7 however, you need to buy the HoT expansion to have Raids and LW Season 3 unlocked.

b. Are there any other special requirements for this hunt?
Well, there are a few, naturally, but they are all frankly quite reasonable. Firstly, you need to have a good percentage of map completion – or at least be able to travel to almost anywhere in core Tyria: 15 different maps must be visited, besides the places where almost anyone can visit right off the bat, like Heart of the Mists* , the Shattered Laboratory and WvW Borderlands**. Hence it makes sense to bring a level 80 character for the journey. Secondly, you need to have Chef and Artificer disciplines of 400, as a couple of the food you must give to the cats are account bound and cannot be bought off the Trading Post. Lastly, there are 9 cats that are ‘profession-specific’ in their acquisition – one for each profession. This means that in order to get all 35 cats you must possess (at least) one character of each profession!

c. How can I tell if I’ve already lured some of them in my Home Instance?
Praised be the magnificent editors of GW2 wiki, there is a tool for this! All you need to do is log into your ArenaNet account and create an ‘API key’: go to Applications, click on New Key, make sure to check ‘Progression’ and hit ‘Create API Key’. Now copy-paste this long string into the text field found on this wiki page. That’s it! All your already acquired cats will be automatically greyed out! Fab, isn’t it? 🙂

* PvP unlocks at level 3, access to Lion’s Arch unlocks at level 35 for free accounts
** WvW access unlocks at level 60 for free accounts

To make my guide more versatile I included the following ToC. If you, like most people, have no cats in your Home instance yet, you should take the whole Journey starting from scratch. On the other hand, if it’s only some specific cat(s) you’re missing, then you can use the ToC to go get those directly. No matter your choice, enjoy the ride!

Table of Contents

Preparations for the Journey (aka. Le chef)

You can’t go running around the globe on an empty stomach of course, not to mention that all those amazing felines you aspire to capture are very particular in their diet! So we are going to start by preparing the delicacies you will need for them – anything extra can end up in your belly of course. My suggestion is to get everything cooked in one go in order to avoid having to switch in and out of your Chef. You will need approximately 20 empty slots in your bank to store the cat food you will be exchanging between your travelers.

Our journey shall begin in Lion’s Arch, so I suggest you get your cauldrons boiling there. Alternatively, you can always purchase all the tradable cat food on the TP! To help you compile your shopping list, you can find an Appendix with all the items you will need for this Hunt at the end of this article. Finally, note that the Huntsman consumable can also be bought off the TP.

The Journey (aka. The Cat Whisperer)


Deposit all prepared food in your bank except 1x Grilled Poultry & 1x Spicy Flank Steak. Take these to the hungry cats found at these locations:

  1. Trader’s Forum Waypoint [&BBAEAAA=] – next to the cooking station. Yes, this cute orange cat has been here all along, looking at you cook all those amazing things and hoping for a treat! So give her the Spicy Flank Steak to have her appear next to the harvesting nodes in your Home instance.
  2. Eastern Ward Waypoint [&BDEEAAA=] – behind the Lookout, outside the Lion’s Shadow B&B: give Grilled Poultry. Unlocks a grey cat by the entrance of the Home instance.
  • Note that only one grey cat will ever appear in the Home instance!

[HoT or PoF owners]:
Switch out to your REVENANT – assuming he wasn’t your accomplished Chef already of course. Retrieve 39 carrots from your bank.

Get the following stuff out of the bank:

  • Bowl of Poultry and Leek Soup
  • Bowl of Saffron-scented Poultry Soup
  • Bowl of Poultry and Winter Vegetable
  • Bowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup

and take the south exit from Lion’s Arch, next to Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint [&BA4EAAA=].


Upon entering the map walk to the nearest renown heart NPC, Lionscout Tunnira, and buy off her a Frog in a Jar (Masterwork edition). Then move on to the biggest cooking cauldron in all of Tyria!


You need to reach the volcano’s core [&BJQGAAA=]. I always found it most spectacular and fun (despite suffering from an insane fear of high places…) to get there by jumping off the vista above ^^

Once you reach the core, interact with it to get the option to cook the 4 bowls of food you’re carrying to “super-hot” stage – talking about some serious superheating here!

Interact with the core – Warm some soup

Four super-hot dishes!

Check that everything is cooked properly before ‘pulling a Rytlock’ – i.e. travel to the Heart of the Mists.

[Core game owners]:
Skip the next step and return to Lion’s Arch directly instead.


For those of you who don’t know how to ‘pull a Rytlock’ yet, you need to use the little crossed swords icon at the top left of your screen. Are we here yet? Good 🙂

Travel to the Combat Training Waypoint [&BEoFAAA=] and keep walking south-southeast, until you see some stairs carved on the side of the rock to your left, next to the waterfall.

Climb those, cross the fallen tree trunk, and there you’ll find the poor hungry cat on a small plateau.

Feed it with 39 carrots (!!!) to get it to join your Home instance where it will be found picking up fights with all the other black cats. I probably would too, if had to consume 39 carrots. Anyway, this is one of the 9 profession-specific cats down (the Revenant‘s one), so eight to go now.

Use the Lion’s Arch asura gate, next to the Portal to Lion’s Arch Waypoint to travel back to our base of operations.


Remember that jarred frog you’re carrying in your backpack? Of course you do, it’s been driving you mad with all its croaking. Time has come to get rid of it! What you need is a friend/guildie/good soul who possesses the Witch’s Outfit. Once equipped, the skill ‘Summon Familiar’ (skill #5) becomes available to them. When you get near their summoned familiar you will see a ‘special action’ icon appear: use it to have the Frog in a Jar presented (not fed I hope!) to it.


When you see the jar turn into a Jar of Lost Souls, it’s a sign that the Feline Familiar cat will be henceforth found in your Home instance, idling near the Raw Candy Corn node (assuming you have that acquired).

Next head to the bank again. Deposit the Super-Hot Saffron-scented Poultry Soup & the Super-Hot Lemongrass Poultry Soup and pick up the following:

  • 2x Plate of Fire Flank Steak
  • Spicier Flank Steak
  • Strawberry Ghost
  • Omnomberry Ghost
  • Slab of Poultry Meat
  • 3x Ghost Peppers
  • Bowl of Prickly Pear Sorbet — {Account Bound!}
  • Bowl of Ginger-Lime Ice Cream
  • Bowl of Saffron-Mango Ice Cream
  • Bowl of Peach Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

Once you’ve got it all neatly accommodated in your bags, go through the asura gate to reach Diviniy’s Reach.


Travel to the Common’s Waypoint [&BCoDAAA=], near the cooking station. Find the orange cat meowing hungrily and feed it with one of the Plates of Fire Flank Steak you’re carrying.

Now check your watch – oops, temporal discrepancy! Correction: “look up to the sky”. If you deduce it is night time head towards Lake Doric, through the exit found next to the Plazza of Lyssa Waypoint [&BCYDAAA=]. Note that it must be strictly ‘night’ and not ‘dusk’ or ‘dawn’! If not, then travel to the Fields of Ruin through the Rurikton district gate [&BCsDAAA=].

the route to take when ‘night’ is: [5] –> [8] –> [7] –> [6] –> [4] , while if anything but ‘night’ the route is: [6] –> [7] –> [8] –> [5] –> [4].

[5] LAKE DORIC (night time only – HoT owners only!)

Getting there: to gain entrance to this map you need to complete ‘Eyes on Lake Doric’, the second story step of LW Season 3 Episode 4, called ‘The Head of the Snake’. Alternatively you can use a Teleport to Friend stone (consumable)!

Head for the forest of Harvest Cascades [&BK8JAAA=] , in the northeast. The Ghostly cat you’re looking for is roaming there so you have to look for it. Once you spot her you need to interact with her on her own plane of existence. That is, become a ghost as well!

Eat the Omnomberry Ghost and approach her to feed her with the Strawberry Ghost.

Well done, she’s happy now and she’ll join the cat-pack in your Home instance 🙂

Assuming it is still night, map travel to Hoelbrak [8]; otherwise, return to Divinity’s Reach to travel to Ebonhawk [6].


Head for the Hawkgates [&BNMAAAA=] and the place where the cooking station is. A hungry orange cat will be there expecting a Spicier Flank Steak. Meow.

Night: return to Divinity’s Reach [4]. Anything but night: move on to the Black Citadel [7].


You need to travel to the Junker’s Waypoint [&BDcEAAA=] and walk a short distance to the south east, towards the vista. The hungry and frozen orange cat expects a Super-Hot Poultry and Leek Soup.

Continue with the rotation described in [4] above.


Your stop here is the Snow Leopard’s Waypoint [&BIcDAAA=]. North east of it, next to the statue, is a hungry and frozen orange cat expecting of you a Super-Hot Poultry and Winter Vegetable Soup.

Meow again and continue with your rotation as before.


If you are done with the rotation or have some time to spare until an appropriate day/night phase begins, head for the Beetletun Waypoint [&BPoAAAA=]. Just north of it is a hungry grey cat, expecting a Slab of Poultry Meat.

Feed it and then map travel to Ember Bay, or Dry Top if not a HoT owner.

[10] EMBER BAY (HoT owners only!)

Getting there: to gain entrance to this map you need to complete ‘Taimi’s Game’, the first story step of LW Season 3 Episode 2, called ‘Rising Flames’. Alternatively you can use a Teleport to Friend stone (consumable)!

Your first stop will be the Castaway Circus [&BHgJAAA=] where you need to give the 3x Ghost Peppers to the hungry orange cat sitting by the bonfire there. Note that if you are carrying more you’ll have to drop the surplus! It’s either 3 or no deal o.O

Then travel to the Scratch Gate Waypoint [&BFUJAAA=] where you need to feed a rather peculiar orange cat. You see, she’ll only accept your offer of a Plate of Fire Flank Steak if you’re carrying in your arms a Stranded Skritt!!! Some cats…

Shake it off, the cat will be waiting for your arrival in your Home instance next to the harvesting nodes (should you have any, else roaming therein), and move on north: Dry Top.

[11] DRY TOP

There are two hungry felines (both black) to feed here. First one is right by the map’s entry point [&BIAHAAA=] , expecting a Bowl of Prickly Pear Sorbet. This plate is account bound which means you need to craft it yourself The recipe, quite conviniently, can be bought from Dusk – the merchant NPC standing next to you!

The second one is at the wounded Zephyrites’ tent, next to the Prosperity Waypoint [&BHoHAAA=]. Clearly all this heat must have gotten to her for she craves for a Bowl of Ginger-Lime Ice Cream.

Both cats are black ones who play with snowballs in your Home instance – too cute to describe!


This is the last stop for our Revenant, assuming you’re still running with him/her of course. Map travel to Camp Resolve [&BH8HAAA=] and give the Bowl of Saffron-Mango Ice Cream to the black cat standing next to the Skritt hole.

Then walk to the other end of the map, where the final boss fight of the meta event takes place, at the Vinewrath Tangle [&BLcHAAA=]. Since this place can only be accessed shortly after the VW fight has completed, you may have to ‘park’ your Revenant (or whoever you’re running with at the moment) here until it’s the right time to be here. This black cat craves for a Bowl of Peach Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream.

Regardless of whether you got it or not, switch to your RANGER and take him/her to LA.


Take out of the bank the remaining 2 super-cooked food and 2 Slabs of Poultry Meat and take the north exit out of the city towards the Gendarran Fields.


You have to find poor (but indestructible) Denton the Durable and help him and his dolyak reach their destination. He starts his journey from the First Haven outpost [&BIsBAAA=] to the west and travels along the road, carrying supplies to the Lionbridge Expanse area [&BJsDAAA=].

Denton the Durable as a merchant

You need to see him to the end of his route (i.e. succeed the event) to make him turn into a trader NPC and buy from him a Healing Seed Pod. Once you do, map travel to the Sylvari birthplace.


Your first stop is Ronan’s Waypoint [&BLwEAAA=], where a freezing orange cat sits elegantly atop a lily pad just south of the waypoint. Feed her with the Super-Hot Saffron-Scented Poultry Soup and meet her next time in your Home instance sitting by a Pot of Cat-made soup, in the company of the other frozen cats you helped out!

Now you have to check the time again (see [4] above if you don’t remember how). If it is ‘day’ (neither ‘dawn’ nor ‘dusk’ will work), you will be able to feed some Slab of Poultry Meat (1/2) to a black kitten found next to your home, at the Dreamer’s Terrace [&BLwEAAA=].

If it is night, you can feed the white kitten found next to Caithe’s house, south-west of Ronan’s Waypoint [&BLwEAAA=], again with some Slab of Poultry Meat (2/2).

If you fed one of the two and need to wait for the correct day/night phase to pop up, you can spend some quality time in Caledon Forest to the north.

[HoT owners only]:
Besides the time, check the day too: if it happens to be Wednesday, look for Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone next to Ronan’s Waypoint. Uninhibitedly buy today’s dish, a Bowl of Bloodstone Goulash! Read [21] below for more info.


Just as you enter this area, arriving from the Grove to the south, you come to a place filled with little ponds [&BDQBAAA=]. In one of them, near a Juvenile Frog, sits a black cat that will only accept something from a Ranger. Go ahead and give her the Healing Seed Pod you got from Denton!

Assuming it’s not the right time to feed the Grove kitten yet, let’s quickly drop by Rata Sum.


Map travel to the Research Waypoint [&BLgEAAA=] and head for the jail cell. Treat the frozen orange cat there with the Super-Hot Lemongrass Poultry Soup, to have another orange cat standing by a Pot of Cat-made Soup inside your Home instance!

A few steps away from the same waypoint is Holomancer Netto who is willing to sell you a brand-new, never-used Holographic Kitten at the price of 1g. It’s a fair trade, especially for an asura. Take it. You can also purchase some extras from him which will adorn your Home instance and also keep your new holo-kitten entertained!

[HoT owners only]:
Before you leave the city check the day: if it happens to be Friday, look for Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone next to Magicat Court Waypoint — [&BLQEAAA=]. Again without any reservations buy today’s dish, a Bowl of Bloodstone Ice Cream! Read [21] below for more info.

Return to the Grove now to wait for the right time to feed the second kitten [14].

After you do, your Ranger’s part is over. It is now the time for your other toons to get their hands dirty. Which one shall be next, I leave it up to you 🙂


Travel to Divinity’s Reach and buy a Slice of Rainbow Cake. Apparently, the Carny family monopolizes this type of cake. Get your slice from any of them, e.g. Mach, found near [&BCwDAAA=].

Now map travel to Caledon Forest. In front of the house, next to the Astorea Waypoint [&BDQBAAA=], is the black cat you need to feed the cake to.


Both profession-specific cats (both are black) are located in Plains of Ashford, near the Smokestead Waypoint [&BIABAAA=]. The hungry cat your Engi is after has a sweet tooth for a Flask of Pumkin Oil. She is found next to the two training Iron Legion Engineers.

Respectively, the thief’s cat is found next to the two training Ash Legion Scouts and expects some Harpy Feathers. You can acquire those from Forager Hitkiti, near Arca Lake [&BLIAAAA=] in the Harathi Hinterlands. You need to aid her in stealing some harpy eggs before she turns into a merchant NPC though! Fair trade.

As with all profession-specific cats, it is a black cat that will fight other cats in your Home instance. Bad kitties!

GUARDIAN (HoT owners only!)

Make a stop by you bank and pick up the Bowl of Curry Mussel Soup. The recipe to make it (Chef discipline) is account bound and can be acquired from the Heroics Notary NPC in any of the borderlands. It is found in the lower two tabs which are populated only if you own the respective expansion, empty otherwise.

Then map travel to Metrica Province for the feeding. The hungry black cat is just left of the asura gate at the Soren Draa Waypoint [&BEAAAAA=].

Feed it with the soup. Meow.


Both of these professions may find their hungry black cat in Queensdale, close to the Shaemoor Waypoint [&BO8AAAA=]. For the Mesmer, she is behind the house left of the road to DR and she’ll take a Mystery Tonic (the beast version).

For the Warrior she is in front of the bridge over the road that leads to DR; she’ll graciously accept a Cheeseburger (medium rare please).


The Necro’s black cat is found in Wayfarer Foothills, near the Horncall Waypoint [&BHQBAAA=], on a cliff next to the axe throwing range. It has a sweet tooth for some Grumble Cake, which by all means you are adviced to buy off the Trading Post (it is alegedly a random and, to my experience, very rare drop from either the Behemoth or the Shatterer world boss chest; but why not take the shortcut when it’s there, right?).

Travelling Some More (aka. The Twilight Zone)

With this section, the hunt for the nine (9) profession-specific cats concludes. If you followed every step in the guide this far, you should have unlocked 29 out of the total 35 cats in the game today [September 2, 2018] – or 24 if you do not own any of the expansions.

The remaining cats are to be found in places… off the beaten path. It does not make any difference which character (i.e. profession) you take there, so pick the one you feel more comfortable with.

[20] BITTERFROST FRONTIER (HoT owners only!)

Getting there: to gain entrance to this map you need to complete ‘Journey to the Bitterfrost Frontier’, the second story step of LW Season 3 Episode 3, called ‘A Crack in the Ice’. Alternatively you can use a Teleport to Friend stone (consumable)!

The feline is to be found in the middle of the cave where the Mastery Point in The Bitter Cold is ([&BIAJAAA=]). This means that you first need to brew the Thaw Elixir before you can survive… the bitter cold there. Unless you’ve unlocked the recipe for it (through the LW story step above) you will need to get that done first – make sure you received the ‘Cold Resistance’ buff. Note that there is no other way of acquiring the elixir. Now, that’s step 1 done. Step 2 is to actually get to the cave. It sits way up in that corner of the map so the only means of reaching it is by becoming a human canon ball! You have to use one of the thermal tubes strewn around the map – a specific one: it sits on the side of a mountain, due south from Hailstone Floe.

Remember to grab a Koda’s Flame torch from any lit brazier before you make your way to the thermal tube. Easiest one is atop the Kodan ship as it is always lit.

[Physics question: explain how the torch is not extinguished by the frozen air violently gushing on it through the flight (10,500 XP)]

  • Tip: Using the thermal tube – any of them – requires training in a specific mastery called ‘Thermal Propulsion‘ (Mastery Track: Ancient Magics). If you don’t feel like training in it first (truth is it does take some time), there is a shortcut and that’s exactly what I used too. Ask on guild chat (/g) or around the map (/m) if there is anyone who can travel to the Mastery Point. Make sure to point out that (a) you already have ‘Cold Resistence’ and (b) you can use a Teleport To Friend consumable. In my case it didn’t take more than 5 minutes before someone replied (did I mention how amazing the community is? <3). I guess you know what to do next, right? 🙂

Once inside the cave approach the little cub and offer to ‘Comfort’ it. From this moment on, the cute Snow Leopard Cub will be found in your Home instance, following you around <3

[21] LAKE DORIC, RELOADED (HoT owners only!)

Getting there: see section [5] above about gaining access to the map. To see how to reach the cat, read on 🙂

The biggest, meanest, most spoiled cat of the bunch is none other than Lady Wisteria Whiskington, the winner of Divinity’s Reach Fanciest Cat Competition, 1327AE. She resides inside Lord Beetletun’s Manor – “upper floor, right wing, first door on the left”. Getting there is somewhat troublesome: you need to have Season 3 of the Living Story unlocked and start the instance ‘Confessor’s End’ yourself or join a friend’s. Once you defeat ‘the Head of the Snake’ for the first time (keeping it spoiler-free) turn around to face the door you came through and take the staircase on your right. Climb to the upper floor and enter her room – “first door on the left”.

She has, not surprisingly, very particular feeding habits as well a mood. She will only accept one (any) of the following:

  • Bowl of Bloodstone Bisque,
  • Bowl of Bloodstone Goulash,
  • Bowl of Bloodstone Ice Cream

As if her pickiness wasn’t enough, acquiring these plates is a challenge on its own. To get your hands on some Bisque, you need to prepare it yourself by throwing a Pile of Bloodstone Dust inside a hidden cooking pot! To reach it you need to travel through Salvation Pass (that’s right, the raid wing! Enter Lion’s Arch Aerodrome [&BCAJAAA=] and use the ‘lfg tool’ to get invited into a cleared wing!). Once you find yourself in the Labor Camp, look for the Soup Pot and throw the Dust inside.

The other two delicacies are sold by Sous-Chef Seimor Oxbone. Only problem is, he only prepares them once every week, on very specific days! So, to get some Goulash you’ll have to catch him in the Grove on a Wednesday, near Ronan’s Waypoint ([&BLwEAAA=]) and to buy some weird Ice Cream you’ll need to look for him in Rata Sum on a Friday, close to Magicat Court Waypoint ([&BLQEAAA=]).

  • Note: Do not let the first picture mislead you! I went out and got all 3 delicacies just on a whim (cause I’m weird, probably ^^). You only need one of them, so grab one of the 2 easy ones from the Sous-Chef.


There are two cats, rather exceptional ones, hiding away in secret and secluded little places in the two BL maps in WvWvW. Getting there is more than tricky and will possibly require some group effort. By this I mean: “bring along a couple of Mesmer friends”, naturally. However, I do believe that it is more than worth acquiring both of them! See the pics on my previous article to be convinced!


Head over to the Mage College Tower, north of the Fire Keep on the west side of the map. You need to bring with you a Can of Spicy Meat Chili and a lot of patience.  The Chili is acquired either from the Permanent Portable Provisioner (if you bought it at some point) or from a Canned Food Crate (bundle of 6).

Bonus: on top of getting the Yellow Catmander to join your Home Instance, you can also buy the Yellow Catmander Mini and the Catmander’s Compendium (150g if you already have the commander tags unlocked, 300g if you don’t). Guide: in this video .(game UI is in German but there are English subs/caps everywhere; jump to 01:50)


You need to bring a Gift of Battle to the Blue Catmander hiding away in the secret area deep within the Mistwrought Vault. This area is slightly easier to get to but it is known to have given massive headaches to many good people. Bring a Mesmer. Or two. The more the merrier.
The following picture shows a step-by-step guide to… guide your steps (courecy of Faeran). A video guide helps too.


This is one of the Fractals of the Mists maps, available at levels 25, 50, 70 and 100. You enter it through the purple asura gate standing in the middle of the gates area, near the Fort Marriner Waypoint [&BDAEAAA=]. The cat can only be found after the fractal has been completed. You need to “head back to the three-portal hub room and go through the northern portal to find Simon next to a headstone” (gw2 wiki). Simon, the celestial cat is the most expensive one to acquire. It will take feeding him with 5 items, all of them related to the Fractals.

  • Integrated Fractal Matrix
  • Golden Fractal Relic
  • +9 Agony Infusion
  • Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
  • Unstable Cosmic Essence

The first 2 items can be purchased from a vendor golem inside the Fractals lobby, for currency acquired while playing through the fractals (i.e. Fractal Relics, Pristine Fractal Relics, Stabilizing Matrix).

  • Tip: The Integrated Fractal Matrix is a standard reward for completing the Shattered Observatory fractal in Challenge mode, which we will be doing anyway to get the Unstable Cosmic Essence, so do not buy it from the vendor unless you already have the Essence.

The +9 Agony Infusion can be bought off the Trading Post. The Cube must be crafted (any discipline, 500); only rare ingredient is the Ball of Dark Energy which can only be salvaged from ascended quality weapons and armor (ouch!).

The last item however… Well, this will hurt the most. The only way to acquire it is by completing the Shattered Observatory fractal in Challenge Mode! Lowest (fractal) level for it is 25 and you are highly advised to read through the wiki for the mechanics and suggested builds etc for it. Running through it a couple of times in Normal Mode first is very wise indeed.


This special ‘area’ has been called many things, most appropriate of which is “a game within the game”. It makes its appearance as a special event, typically once every year – although it was skipped in 2014 and 2015. The only way to acquire the hungry ‘Bee Dog cat’ trapped within then is to wait until SAB makes its glorious 8-bit return. Even then, you need to brace yourselves and be mentally prepared for ULTIMATE and agonizing torture! Took me and a friend more than 5 hours to get the @#$^@#$$ thing -.-

For the record, this ‘cat’ is described in the wiki as a “Scottish Fold without tail with a blue Bauble necklace and blue cubes aura.”. Beffiting to the level of difficult its acquisitioin presents, It is the only cat that comes decorated with the title “Honors in Applied Jumping”.

Watch a video guide here.

FINAL WORD (aka. What to be on the lookout for)

  1. Day/night cycle: Ranger is on the job, waiting in The Grove [14]. Once both time-dependant cats are fed there, he can relocate to Lake Doric [5] in the case where you didn’t get the ghostly one yet.
  2. Vinewrath: your Revenant (if you’re a HoT owner, any prof otherwise) is on the spot, waiting for the meta-event to end.
  3. Super Adventure Box: expecting it to make a comeback. Any profession can partake.
  4. Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone: in the Grove on Wednesdays & in Rata Sum on Fridays!

That’s all there is then! I hope you have as much fun hunting for these amazing felines as I’ve had making this guide – and proofing the steps! I will be more than happy to read your thoughts, tips, suggestions in the comments section below.

APPENDIX – List of all ‘food’ items you will need

Chef discipline (can also be bought off the TP unless account bound)
* Grilled Poultry
* Bowl of Poultry and Leek Soup
* Bowl of Saffron-scented Poultry Soup
* Bowl of Poultry and Winter Vegetable
* Bowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup
* 2x Plate of Fire Flank Steak
* Spicy Flank Steak
* Spicier Flank Steak
* Strawberry Ghost
* Omnomberry Ghost
* Bowl of Prickly Pear Sorbet (account bound)
* Bowl of Ginger-Lime Ice Cream
* Bowl of Saffron-Mango Ice Cream
* Bowl of Peach Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream
* Cheeseburger
* Bowl of Curry Mussel Soup (account bound) – requires HoT

Other disciplines
* Flask of Pumpkin Oil (huntsman)
* Mystery Tonic (beast) (artificer) (account bound)

Raw mats:
* 3x Slab of Poultry Meat
* 3x Ghost Peppers
* 39 Carrots

NPC- or otherwise acquired:
* Gift of Battle (account bound)
* Can of Spicy Meat Chili (account bound)
* Integrated Fractal Matrix (account bound)
* Golden Fractal Relic (account bound)
* +9 Agony Infusion (Artificer or Trading Post)
* Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy (account bound)
* Unstable Cosmic Essence (account bound)
* Frog in a Jar (soulbound on acquire)
* Slice of Rainbow Cake (account bound)
* Healing Seed Pod (soulbound on acquire)
* Harpy Feathers (soulbound on acquire)
* Grumble Cake (rare drop; can be bought off the TP)
* Bowl of Bloodstone Ice Cream (account bound)
* Bowl of Bloodstone Goulash (account bound)
* Bowl of Bloodstone Bisque (account bound) – requires HoT


  • Tara, for filling up my Jar of Souls ;p
  • Fearan, for some amazing screenshots!
  • Irene, my cat, for inspiration ^^

3 thoughts on “Hungry cats scavenger hunt – A guide

  1. There is one for the Revenant that is ‘sposed to be at the PVP lobby, but I can’t find it, any thoughts? Thanks for all this work.

  2. Thank you for this guide, I think it’s about time I went on a hunt for cats across Tyria with this guide at hand!

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