Introducing the All-New


Hey folks, I hope you are all doing great.

I’ve got an announcement to make. In the last few months I spent the little free time I had redesigning our hub and today you can see the fruits of my labor right in front of your eyes. It’s the least I could do I guess, providing the tools for the community to talk and share its enthusiasm about Guild Wars 2.

Dragon Season has always been about that, the people. We never sought out to compete with anybody. Instead, this corner of the internet intends to unite everyone under a common ground. One where the freedom of speech comes before all.

So then, let me explain really quick what the new site has to offer.

First of all, you may have noticed that while a redesign I decided to go with the old, yet familiar to everybody, layout. That decision stems from the simplicity that the old site used to offer. I found that simplicity to be a well-established starting point and based on it I further cleaned what I thought aimlessly populated the user’s screen.

The new Dragon Season focuses on the front page. With a full-fledged Blog support, this time around, I think that we have finally achieved what we have always dreamed of Dragon Season being. For example, the site now features proper post pagination, so you can always go back and skim through your old favorites if you like. Of course, multilingual support instead of being dropped it has further been expanded to become more of an automated process for authors and readers alike.

Moreover, if you have been a regular you’ll quickly notice the absence of forums. This is something that I’d say belongs to a period of us testing the waters for something new. The forums have now been replaced with a Discussion area. Think of it as a mixture of a common shout-box, Facebook’s wall and Reddit. There you can hang out with old and new acquaintances to talk about anything Guild Wars 2 related.

Last but not least, writing for Dragon Season has never been simpler. The back-end of the site is very easy to get used to. Trust me when I say that all you need now to talk about your favorite game is the will to do so. We have built this site from the grounds primarily having in mind those that will share their thoughts across its boards. We have built a home for Guild Wars 2 bloggers.

What are you waiting for then? If you want to write for the new Dragon Season all you have to do is shoot me an email at and I’ll give your account the corresponding privileges. Speaking of accounts, if you used to be a member of the old site, while not being a writer there, you will have to recreate your account.

Wrapping this up, I’d like to mention that you should never be afraid of getting in touch with us. Found a bug while roaming around the site? Want to suggest a feature that would make this place even better? Let us know.

From everyone in this team, thank you for being part of this great initiative.

Giveaway: Leave a comment to this post with feedback and with a little bit of luck, you can win one of three mini llamas. This giveaway is open until Sunday, 22 February Midnight (GMT).

28 thoughts on “Introducing the All-New

  1. I think the site looks great and feels easy to use. I’ve been a twitter follower for a long time and now I’ll certainly be a follower for a long time going forward too! 😀

  2. I’ll be honest: I’m completely new here. This is like the first comment ever I have on this site. But I’ve been following your twitter account since I started playing GW2 (which is only December 2013 so let’s not get too crazy) and it’s been a lot of fun.

    I never talk; that’s who I am. So it’s kinda weird that I was really bummed when you left because of school (which I’m doing right now so I totally get you). So I literally screamed and woke everyone up when I saw your first tweet back. So welcome back and hope this lasts 😀

    Also. As for site feedback: I love it. Very simple and easy to use. I know a lot of guild and server websites that are too over-the-top and cluttered that half-of-the-time, I don’t even know where I am or what I’m doing. So good job on this one 😀

    I’m on NA but I can’t wait to see you cover HoT content :>
    /waves from the other side of the lake

    1. Well, hello you. 🙂

      Be sure to focus on your current priorities and we’ll always be around to talk from now on.

  3. The place is looking great, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys do during the run-up to the expansion (and hoping to see a new Lore entry now that we’ve wrapped up with Season 2~).

    1. Good to see you like it. 🙂

      I’m definitely planning to review the second part of Season 2 as I’ve not played through it yet. So, keep looking forward to that.

  4. I recently came into knowledge of this site and it looks beautifully streamlined. It’s great to have an easy to navigate website with all the fan goodies and interaction!

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