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Those that know me well enough will probably have noticed the obsession I have with organization and automation. I’m really sick when it comes to those. I want everything to work perfectly. That scheme wouldn’t go without applying on my in game habits as well. Specifically, I’m here today to give you an insight of how I manage my inventory space.

First of all, let me describe the layout I use. I tend to keep the “Show bags” option enabled cause I like utilizing their titles as borders between the different types of stored items. You’ll get to understand better the concept behind this by keep reading below. As for the types of bags I use, I’ve tried out several formats. The one I’m going to talk about here is what I think works the best. It manages to achieve both some solid automation on loot and a basic structure that has its sole purpose to make your life while browsing your inventory easier.

So, here’s my setup. Keep in mind that if you want take full advantage of the capabilities of these bags you should place them in that exact order.

  1.  20 Slot Fractal Rare Equipment Box
  2.  15 Slot Equipment Box
  3.  20 Slot Invisible Bag
  4.  15 Slot Invisible Leather Pack
  5.  20 Slot Craftsman’s Bag
  6.  20 Slot Craftsman’s Bag
  7.  20 Slot Oiled Leather Pack
  8.  20 Slot Oiled Leather Pack
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Now, let me explain what this specific structure offers you. Up top, there are two Equipment Boxes that basically provide the main interaction you’re going to have with your inventory. The first stores all living world stuff and any other similar items on pick up, as well as any rare, exotic or ascended drops that are automatically filtered out of the rest of the gear, which goes to the second bag. This way you know exactly what salvage kit you should use for the contents of each box, while at the same time you save the most valuable stuff separately.

Coming up next there are two invisible bags. These contain items that you don’t want to show up on merchants or the Trading Post. The first one gives you easy access to your consumables, along with some things that you probably use pretty often, like your salvage kits. Simply by opening your inventory you should be able to take advantage of any of these right away. The other invisible bag carries your secondary equipment in case you need to swap your gear. Now, at the very end there are two of each Craftsman’s and Junk bags. These hold on to crafting materials or trash items that come either directly from looting or salvaging.

Summing up, you can imagine that with this format you’ll rarely be in need of a merchant or bank. Say you loot something, you can instantly salvage it and deposit the materials that will end up at the bottom of your inventory. Any valuable runes or sigils would be easily spotted in order to be sold in the Trading Post and of course there’s plenty of space to even save the junk after various PvE or WvW expeditions.

10 thoughts on “Inventory Management

  1. My main problem seems to be stop hoarding stuff that is no longer of any use and cutting down the spaces taken up. I’ll post a pic of my inventory on twitter to show my messy bags!
    I keep different armors, I don’t sell copies of ascended accessories, etc. Should I be? Or just make another mule to carry it all?

    1. I have those stored in my bank.

      The only mule I currently have is one that carries Bloodstone dust.

      Looking forward to your picture. 😉

    2. But… but… my bank is already completely full of all the same stuff I carry on me and all my alts 😉

      I hoard too much out of fear I trash something which might someday be useful again.

      I even have a nearly full 100-slot personal guild bank!

  2. Excellsior!
    It’s been at the back of my head for so long, finding a way to efficiently organize my inventory stuff. This looks pretty neat: tidy and automated. I will definitely try it out!!!

    Of course I will need to unlock the last 3 bag slots first (/wiki Bag Slot Expansion), but I think it can work pretty well with my existing 5 I think. For the time being my setup will be (/wiki Bag):

    – 20 slot Fractal Rare (BUY-4373)
    – 20 slot Equipment (armorsmith)
    – 20 slot Invisible/Safe (tailor/leatherworker/armorsmith)
    – 20 slot Craftman’s (tailor)
    – 20 slot Oiled (leatherworker)

  3. I like it! You’ve inspired me to change up my organization. Mine is very similar but my organization makes less sense now that I see yours.

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