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Legendary weapons are some of the most prestigious items in the game. The amount of time, effort, and gold required to obtain one is huge (unless you buy gems and convert them to gold and buy the weapon straight off the trading post… but we won’t go into that). One of the biggest hurdles is the precursor weapon, which is why I’m really looking forward to the precursor scavenger hunt in Heart of Thorns. Depending on how long it’ll take to complete each collection, I’m seriously considering going for all of them. Because of this, I decided to work out how many dungeon tokens I need to earn in total before HoT is released.

Each of the current 20 legendary weapons requires 500 specific dungeon tokens (we haven’t had any news on whether the new legendary weapons will require the same ingredients yet), and I’ve recently begun running dungeons to build up my dungeon token stock. In total, you need to earn 10,000 tokens across all 8 dungeons: 2000 from Ascalon Catacombs (AC); 1500 from Caudecus’s Manor (CM) and Twilight Arbor (TA); and 1000 from the rest. My current dungeon token total can be seen below.

Dungeon Tokens
Tears of seals bloom into manifestos of flame symbols and knowledge shards.

Using some extra complicated mathematics (subtraction, division), I’ve figured out how many more runs I need to perform of each dungeon to get the required number of dungeon tokens for each legendary weapon. I already have over 1000 tokens from Citadel of Flame (CoF) and Honor of the Waves (HotW), and over 1500 tokens from TA, so I can ignore those dungeons for now.

  • I need 2000 tokens from AC in total, and seeing as I have 805 already, I need to earn 1195 more tokens. This equates to a maximum of 20 more AC runs.
  • Next up is CM. I need 792 more tokens, meaning at most 14 more runs.
  • Concerning Sorrow’s Embrace (SE), I need at most 10 runs to earn my remaining 547 tokens.
  • For Crucible of Eternity (CoE), a further 6 runs will net me my needed 305 tokens.
  • Finally, for The Ruined City of Arah (Arah), 9 more runs, bringing in over 487 tokens, will push me above the 1000 token threshold.

I’m doing this partly because I don’t know what legendary weapon I want next, and I would rather be as fully prepared as possible when HoT arrives, and partly because we have some extra time without any living world updates happening. Of course, dungeon tokens are just a tiny part of the total cost of a legendary weapon, but they are one of the more time consuming parts. It is also possible to earn dungeon tokens by advancing the dungeon-specific PvP reward tracks, with each completed track giving 240 dungeon tokens (I might well do this for Arah, as I’m not a fan of that dungeon).

Once I have these, it’s just a matter of earning a LOT of gold to buy the rest of the ingredients… simples!

Are you currently going for a legendary weapon? How are you preparing for HoT and precursor crafting? If you want to run these dungeons with me, let me know! 

12 thoughts on “Legendary Dungeon Tokens

  1. Completed! A few days ago actually, but only just got round to posting about it here ^^ Thank goodness for the PvP reward tracks; Arah would have been a nightmare otherwise.

    1. Oh, grats Ed! 😀

      Yeah, I love PvP reward track too. I’m glad they are going with the same route sort of with the profession reward tracks.

  2. New update: almost complete! Only AC and Arah to go.
    Need 274 more AC tokens = 5 runs. Should be easy to get in a few days, as path 1 and 3 are pretty quick.
    Need 181 more Arah tokens = 4 runs. I’m doing the Arah dungeon PvP reward track to earn tokens. Completing it once more will get me all the tokens I need.

  3. New tally after a week of dungeoning:

    AC: have 1453 tokens, need 547 more = 10 more runs.
    CM: 3 more runs needed to get 144 tokens left.
    SE: complete!
    CoE: complete!
    Arah: no change… still need 487 tokens = 9 runs.

  4. An update to my post after a couple more days dungeon running:
    I have 994 AC tokens, so 17 more runs to reach 2000 total.
    8 more runs of CM (1038 current total).
    7 more of SE (582 total).

    1. Nope, still at the same for CoE and Arah. Could get CoE done in 2 days; Arah will take a lot longer ><

  5. Let me see if I got this correctly, because high level math always confused me:


    If(answer==”yes”;pass_out(void);printf(“please explain”);

    1. Lol, yep! Like I said, I have no idea which Legendary I want next, so I thought I’d be prepared and prepare for each one ^^

  6. It’s always good to have a goal to work towards so it’s nice seeing you finding one Ed.

    I have everything needed for the Predator already gathered but the precursor, so I’m eagerly waiting for the arrival of the expansion. I found the concept they announced really interesting and fun! 😀

    Please do count me in for CM and CoE runs as I miss some skins from there for my collections.

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