Legends in Profile: Glint, Crystal Dragon Prophet


The Revenant’s elite specialization, the Herald, has been announced. And with it, we now know the final legend: Glint, the crystalline dragon, Protector of the Forgotten, and the one who created the Flameseeker Prophecies. She is likely the longest-lived creature on Tyria, predating the arrival of humans by several centuries. She has a long history, and is possibly the most legendary of all the Revenant legends.

Glint’s history begins long ago in Tyria’s past. There are two versions of her origin story; previously, it was believed that Glint was placed on Tyria by the Gods to help keep the world safe as it was shaped. Glint would later be assisted by the Forgotten, a race of four-armed snake people skilled in magic.

One of the Forgotten guarding Glint’s lair in the
Crystal Desert.

The true origin of Glint was revealed in the official novel Edge of Destiny, where she admitted that she was actually a former champion of the Elder Crystal Dragon, Kralkatorrik, the last time the dragons awoke. She was granted free will and liberated from Kralkatorrik by the Forgotten’s magic, whom she then concealed along with some of the other races from the ravages of the Elder Dragons. Glint possessed extraordinary powers of the mind, being able to read the minds of other creatures and the gift of prophecy.

Talk about planning ahead.

She created the Flameseeker Prophecies, which predicted many significant events in Guild Wars: Prophecies, including the fall of Ascalon, civil war among the dwarves in the Shiverpeak Mountains, and the rise to power of the Lich Lord, who is the Flameseeker referred to in the name of the prophecies. Glint foretold that the Flameseeker would claim a powerful artifact, the Scepter of Orr,  and go to the Ring of Fire Islands to open the Door of Komalie, which sealed away powerful beings known as Titans.

Glint instructing the player on how to fulfill their part of the prophecy.

The Flameseeker Prophecies also described the fate of the Mursaat, a race of spellcasters that controlled the nation of Kryta by posing as unseen gods; the Mursaat would be eradicated by the Chosen, those destined to fulfill the Flameseeker Prophecies. So the Mursaat decided to identify and seek out potential Chosen, then sacrifice them on the powerful Bloodstones scattered throughout Tyria, using the souls of the Chosen to power the soul batteries keeping the Door of Komalie closed. Of course, the player character in GW1 was one of the Chosen, so they perform the rituals of Ascension to gain the gift of True Sight from the gods so that they may see the Mursaat, who are normally invisible.

A few of the Mursaat surveying their followers, the White Mantle.

Once the player character has ascended, they go to the Dragon’s Lair to meet Glint. This is where the player is tested against six Facets of Glint, each a different aspect of the dragon prophet. These are the facets that the Herald will be channeling with the utility skills of the Legendary Dragon Stance. After you have defeated all six Facets, you meet with Glint herself.

One of the Facets of Glint in the Dragon’s Lair mission.

She greets you as Chosen, and then fills you in on what’s been happening in the rest of the world while you’ve been running around the Crystal Desert trying to perform the rituals necessary to Ascend. After you’ve been brought up to speed, Glint provides a portal to the Shiverpeaks. You don’t hear from her again until you’ve finished the main campaign, stopping the invasion of Titans by killing the Lich Lord and sealing the Door of Komalie.

She has quite the wingspan.

Since there are still Titans that were sent to other parts of Tyria, Glint gives you a series of quests to hunt them down before they cause more damage. You don’t have to journey to her lair again, fortunately: you simply commune with her at a shrine operated by the Brotherhood of the Dragon. Who are they? The Brotherhood of the Dragon are a group of dwarves that have dedicated themselves to serving Glint.The Brotherhood makes an appearance again in Eye of the North, in a bonus mission where you guard a Glint’s baby against waves of destroyers. Unfortunately, the ultimate fate of the baby dragon

A member of the Brotherhood of the Dragon next to Glint’s altar.

The Brotherhood makes an appearance again in Eye of the North, in a bonus mission where you guard a Glint’s baby against waves of destroyers. Unfortunately, the ultimate fate of the baby dragon is unknown by the time of Guild Wars 2. The fate of the Brotherhood is known, luckily. Since they were all dwarves, they eventually undertook the Rite of the Great Dwarf and turned to stone so they could fight the Destroyers in the Depths of Tyria. Before they disappeared, they passed on their duties to a group of Tyrians and Canthans who became a group we know well: the Zephyrites. The Zephyrites are now the only ones carrying on Glint’s legacy after a tragic event.

A few years before Guild Wars 2, Glint met with heroes one last time: the legendary guild Destiny’s Edge. Glint knew her former master, Kralkatorrik, was about to awaken and come for revenge, so she and Destiny’s Edge laid a trap for him. Sadly, due to Logan being called away at the worst possible time, their plan failed. Most of Destiny’s Edge survived, but Zojja’s mentor Snaff was killed by Branded monsters, and Glint herself fell to the jaws of Kralkatorrik.

The Zephyrites gathered up the fallen parts and magic from Glint, and used it to develop the Aspect Crystals to harness the Aspects of Wind, Sun and Lightning. No longer tethered to Glint’s location, they used their magic to create the Zephyr Sanctum so they could roam Tyria in peace, safeguarding Glint’s legacy – and, we learned in the second season of Living World, one of Glint’s eggs. The current whereabouts of the egg are unknown, since Caithe spirited it away, but it will doubtless be an important part of Heart of Thorns.

That’s the long and storied past of Glint. She was a guardian of all civilized races, and a dedicated foe of the dragons. Revenants that channel her will be fortunate to be blessed with her power and wisdom. And I’m sure she’ll appreciate knowing the fate of her missing egg. I look forward to channeling Glint, and hope you do too.

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