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Ventari, centaur and advocate of peace, is the third revealed legend for the Revenant. The support and healing gameplay of the legend are a solid fit for Ventari’s legacy as a peacemaker.

Of the legends revealed so far, Ventari is certainly the one with the most visible effect on Tyria. Sylvari players for sure, as well as other players, have heard sylvari NPCs talk about Ventari and his tablet, which he left behind to guide those that would come after him, though he didn’t know an entire race would take his tenets to heart.

His story begins, at least when it comes to the player character, in Guild Wars Prophecies. He leads a small settlement known as Ventari’s Refuge, where he hopes to set an example of peace between centaurs and humans. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have any success; the centaurs are pretty determined to keep fighting. Still, Ventari is noteworthy because of his desire for peace and generosity in offering a safe refuge to travelers.

Ventari greets the player in Ventari’s Refuge.

He doesn’t make any further appearances until the Eye of the North expansion, in an area of Tarnished Coast known as Arbor Bay, where he’s watching over a very important sapling. Ronan, a human soldier with the Shining Blade, was separated from his patrol and became lost. He found a cavern full of strange seeds guarded by dangerous plant monsters, and managed to escape with a single seed the size of a fist. Ronan returned to his home, but found his family slain by Mursaat and the White Mantle. Giving up on war, he planted the seed on the graves of his family and stayed by the seedling for the rest of his life, with Ventari joining Ronan to keep watch over it as it grows. This growing sapling will become the Pale Tree, which in turn births the entire sylvari race. Ventari wants the area around the tree to be a sanctuary for every race, though unfortunately the area is surrounded by monsters.

Here he is at the base of the Pale Sapling. The Pale Tree sapling. Whatever you want to call it.

Ventari lived for a long time after the events of Eye of the North, but he couldn’t live forever. Before he died, he inscribed what he felt were his core teachings to living a peaceful and moral life onto a tablet, which he left at the base of the Pale Tree. When the Pale Tree awoke, she adopted the principles of the tablet as the basis of sylvari morals and ethics. Now the Tablet is a sacred artifact to the sylvari, and a central driving force of the sylvari culture.

The tablet’s importance is fully acknowledged by the Legendary Centaur Stance used by the Revenant, as all the Ventari skills revolve around the use of the Tablet. Furthermore, the skills’ theme of support and healing are perfectly suited to Ventari’s dedication to peace. Since it was recently revealed that the Legends will talk to the Revenants channeling them, it’ll be interesting to see what further wisdom Ventari has to offer. We shall see!

3 thoughts on “Legends in Profile: Ventari

  1. I’m always very interested in the other seeds, Ronan took just one. Imagine somehow there are many Sylvari tribes somewhere, all with their own version of the Pale Tree! There could be a lot more to this story.

    1. Definitely, and I think the NPC named Malyck that sylvari characters can meet in their personal story is related, since he seems to be from another tree.

  2. Ventari’s story is, for me, one of the most interesting, touching and intriguing in the GW(1) storyline. Combined with Ronan’s heartbreaking life story, particularly the last years of his life, and the impact their against-the-odds bonding had on the face of Tyria… Epos!

    Even more fascinating for me is the promise(?) that we will get to find out both what lies ahead for the sylvari and maaaaybe learn more about their past… back to the days when they were just “seeds the size of a fist” 😉

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