Lion’s Arch: Do I Get a Hard Hat?


As you may have already heard, the city of Lion’s Arch is finally beginning its transition from “crater” to “greater”. Construction workers, piles of building materials, and Consortium surveyors have appeared and are hard at work. Doing, well… something. It’s hard to tell right now, but it sure does look exciting.

First off, a little refresher before I get to the pictures. Who are the Consortium? They’re a business group that was founded in opposition to the Black Lion Trading Company, and have been involved in numerous shady enterprises since. They were the ones that originally riled up the karka, and later they offered jobs on Southsun to those displaced by the Molten Alliance but those jobs basically rendered the refugees into indentured workers. They are also known for focusing mainly on profit and even back out on their members when they engage in something a little too unsavory.

gw180It’s interesting to see the Consortium as construction and surveyor contractors. This may be their first foray into legitimate business, and it seems like their employees are taking it seriously.

One of several surveying teams throughout the city.

The surveyors aren’t saying much, but they are dropping interesting hints:

This team is stationed at the lighthouse near the harbor entrance.
This team is at the Lionguard headquarters at Fort Marriner.
This team is facing the Lion’s Court plaza area.
You can see that there’s no longer any lion statue.

In my opinion, the most interesting hint is dropped by this guy:

Guild-related, hmm? The guild bank and other guild vendors have been moved nearby as well. Perhaps this will be an establishment that sells guild halls! That’s what my money is on, at least, but I’d love to hear your ideas.

This surveyor is located north of the Postern Ward Waypoint.

Also, on Deverol Island, apparently the Consortium will be placing a chapel there. Will it be multi-faith, featuring the Six Gods, the Spirits of the Wild, and the Eternal Alchemy? Or will it be more of a non-denominational space? All interesting possibilities, but what’s most interesting is how the chapel is getting there.


Say what you will about the Consortium, they certainly don’t lack for ambition. It’ll be great to see how this chapel project turns out.

As for Lion’s Arch leadership: where are they? They were scattered throughout the city or even outside it, but now they’re hard at work in the Captain’s Council headquarters.

At least, they’re presumably hard at work.
They’re just standing around the table gesturing.

All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing what Lion’s Arch will become. I’ll be following progress closely. If you want input on what some of the new names of locations will be, ArenaNet has an official poll! It only lasts a week, so don’t waste time. Check it out:

Sounds exciting. Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Lion’s Arch: Do I Get a Hard Hat?

  1. I love the sketches so far for Lion’s Arch; they kind of looked like the open Lion’s Arch we knew in GW1 with some domes and protection from both sea- and airborne attacks.
    Really hoping they rebuild it over a series of patches so we can see it develop, and maybe get some events to participate in too, just for a little extra immersion.

  2. I’m glad they’re finally doing something with LA. I actually hope the construction happens in stages, and it doesn’t just get fully built in one patch. I’m intrigued by what the end result will be though, especially the future site of an exciting new guild-related organisation.

  3. I’m so excited to see the end result in action.

    The whole procedure looks really promising, and I’m particularly looking forward, much like you, to that Guild facility.

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