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Even before January’s patch reached our clients I admit I had casted doubt on the way ArenaNet is going to utilize the period of time between this update and the next one. There are lots of players these days in game that have already reached their long term goals such as the acquisition of a Legendary weapon, while others just struggle everyday by repeatedly running dungeons over and over again in order to do so. A content-free update may sound like a step back of what’s been promised so far, but does that necessarily mean that there’s no fun included?

Let’s take the laurels system for example. In order to get your hands on one of those brand new ascended amulets, you have to either complete daily achievements (each provides you with 1 laurel) or rush for achieving the monthly one (which provides you with 10 laurels for your head and only). Considering that these shinnies among shinnies cost 30 laurels each, you can gain access to one of them within 20 days. That’s right! If you manage to login each day just to complete your daily, by the time you are sporting an ascended amulet around your toon’s neck you will be just a few days away from the next update. Isn’t that cool?

Well, it’s definitely smart. It’s a smart move by ArenaNet in order to keep us all busy while the upcoming updates line up. Because who could possibly deny free monthly updates of that scale, the latest of which being slightly over 1Gb, while abandoning the already forsaken by the MMO industry subscription model. I don’t look away from the fact that there are lots to be done in terms of profession balancing, world and feature polishing, or implementing various group activities, some of which our dear friend Tasha Darke mentioned the other day. What I’m trying to imply is that even if the current in game content doesn’t please you, you can always take a step back from dealing daily with the game. No subscription requirement means that you can come back whenever you feel up to it and I can assure you that Tyria won’t look or feel the same as it did before.

7d571Team-Up-for-Guild-MissionsSome days ago I decided to turn to you guys and ask for your opinion on the matter. The question on our twitter stream was: “Do you think that the current in game content can keep you playing Guild Wars 2 till the next patch comes out?”. The reaction was quite unexpected to be honest. Almost 80-85% of those that replied back, and believe me they were a lot, seem to have something to fight for while walking along the never-ending road of Guild Wars 2’s current endgame. What’s saddening though in my humble opinion, is that most, if not all, people state as their only goal at the current state of the game the acquisition of a legendary weapon.

The purpose of this article from the very beginning was to rebuild Tyria in front of your very eyes and let all of you know of what you are missing by just standing in front your computer’s screen. What’s the definition of an MMO, if I may ask? Do the words Massive Multiplayer Online sound in your ears just like those of an average video game? What’s the real purpose of building online communities? If you ask me, I would trade any moment of gold farming or forum ranting, with some time of relaxation along with my online friends, doing a jumping puzzle maybe, while listening to music and spreading our craziness all around the in game chat.

That’s it for now. I’d like to thank you for spending a minor amount of your time to read my mumbling. In case you would want to add something or criticize my way of picturing the current state of Guild Wars 2, you’ve got the space right below the article all yours.

(Just when I was about to upload this article, ArenaNet unveiled the contents of February’s patch which will be covered extensively with a future post)

The article was written while listening to this masterpiece over here. Special thanks go to Numbbi for the suggestion. 😉

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