LS3 Ep. 5: Flashpoint launches May 2nd

Flashpoint, the fifth and penultimate episode of Living World Season 3, arrives on May 2nd!

Watch the exciting trailer from Guild Wars 2 on the link below.

Spoiler alert!

Do not read on if you haven’t yet played the previous episodes of Living World Season 3 and do not want to read about our speculations for Episode 5 “Flashpoint”.

A Wild Theory Ensues

At the end of The Head of The Snake, we learn from the journals in Caudecus’ manor the White Mantle had its internal power struggles. Xera, once a faithful servant of the White Mantle, eventually rose to the position of High Inquisitor, second in power only to the Confessor of the White Mantle, i.e. Caudecus.

When Caudecus succeeds Confessor Esthel, he wants the White Mantle to change their agenda to help him weaponise the Bloodstone shards in order to usurp the Krytan throne. Xera, however, remains true to the White Mantle’s original operation, reviving their God, Lazarus the Dire. However, with Caudecus’ death, we learn from his journals, that the Mursaat revived by Xera is not the true Lazarus the Dire. This is due to one of the aspects being swapped out with a tainted fake by Confessor Caudecus himself.

Readers should also beware, you will only have experienced the story of Xera first-hand if you have completed the Stronghold of the Faithful raid, the final wing of the Forsaken Thicket. A short recap of this raid, is Xera draws on power from the Bloodstone shards to enhance her own powers to delay the Pact offensive (raid group) from reaching her Stronghold until Lazarus is fully revived. In the end, she has to face the raid herself, and ultimately gives her life to buy the revival ritual enough time to fully revive the “impostor Mursaat” who takes his leave with no trace before the raiders can discover him/her.

Fast-forward now to the new trailer for Episode 5: Flashpoint, where we yet again see this Mursaat imposter posing as Lazarus the Dire; apparently sneaking up on Taimi to kidnap her? The last we saw of Lazarus the Dire, he helped defend Aurene and was later accompanied by Marjory Delacqua. We see Marjory reunited with Kasmeer, and lured into a trap by the Lazarus impostor (“He’s trapped us here!”), followed by Kasmeer’s surprise (“No, it can’t be!”) leading us to speculate wildly who this impostor will turn out to be, but apparently someone Kasmeer (and we?) knows. My wild guess is we’re getting a clue about the xpac if the impostor is revealed; could it be Palawa Joko?

We can also hear Queen Jennah shouting “The charade ends here!”, so my guess is this episode will end in a cliffhanger before a final confrontation in the season finale, but regardless the Flashpoint episode will reveal the impostor. Not to mention, the real Lazarus the Dire is still out there, and with Caudecus now gone and the final aspect that is able to bring him back hidden somewhere, there might be a final confrontation with a certain Mursaat in the making too.

Whatever happens, we will know in a few days as Living World Season 3 enters its penultimate chapter.

5 thoughts on “LS3 Ep. 5: Flashpoint launches May 2nd

  1. That not necessarily must be Jennah shouting. Sylvari female PC has the same voice.

    ANet may actually be just building the hype, and what Kas said may be referring some other reveal, not Lazarus identity. But I agree that they are probably building up for the finale in Ep6.

    Although something tells me that in the end Lazarus will be just ‘underpowered Lazarus’, and the charade point will be just his ‘moral rebirth’.

    1. True, Jennifer Hale does the voice of both the Sylvari female PC and Queen Jennah, but whereas Queen Jennah was very involved in The Head of The Snake, the Sylvari PC would not be that easy to associate with for a lot of players, so I think it unlikely it’s the Sylvari female saying this.

      Oh man, if they went with underpowered Lazarus and moral rebirth card, I would be disappointed! It’s likely, but I think and hope Anet would avoid it due to it being a big downer for the audience. 🙂

    2. On the example of Rising Flames Trailer it happens at least twice that PC lines are being heard:
      “He absorbed the Bloodstone’s power” – Male Human
      “After the coming battle (…) I hope any of us are still breathing” – Female Sylvari
      (both from Dragon Vigil). Since it happened, and I would assume that we confront him in Rata Novus, I think it’s more likely that it is said by PC, not Jennah.

    3. Interesting thoughts; most trailers I’ve watched I’ve generally assumed the voice belonged to important NPCs we interact with… I have no Sylvari characters myself so I’ve not had the chance then to listen to that dialogue doing the story “missions”.

      Anyway; will be interesting to check out later today – and whether we get the identity of the impostor revealed today or just more hints up until full reveal + xpac announcement in the finale.

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