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Tyria, a world at constant war. 250 years have passed since the defeat of the Great Destroyer and the terror is still present. The elder dragons have awakened. An enemy, aeons old, that possesses the power to destroy entire continents.

There is still hope on the horizon though, as the races of Tyria unite against this common enemy. They may not have the same culture nor some identical look, but the battle against the Dragons will keep away any hostilities between them, if the world is to be saved. New heroes rise up and fight to give the world one last chance.

Meet the 5 playable races of Guild Wars 2 right below:



They may be short, but this race of magical inventors are spiritual giants. These extremely intelligent beings are using their wisdom and skill in addition to magic and crafting to assert their dominance in nature. In the mind of an Asura, brain and not brawn will change the world. All the other races may think that they will rule the world by using their strength. That’s just a delusion though, cause in due time they’ll all serve the asura.



The humans of Tyria are a nation at war. Over the last three centuries they have lost two of their kingdoms. Now with only Kryta still standing, old and new enemies attack them from about every side and try to claim it’s lands. But the human race survives. They are defending and spreading their spirit which distinguishes them from all the other populations. Their capital, Divinity’s Reach shines hope for the people of Kryta and further. The legends of humans have been implanted in the souls of all races of Tyria, either ally or enemy.



The Norn are a race of braveheart, shape-shifting brutes. Boisterous, stubborn and passionate the norn are independent people who swear servitude to no single being. They thrive in their mountain fortress of Hoelbrak by the acuity of their senses, the speed of their perception and the strength of their bare hands. Norn are guided in this world by the spirits of the wild which embody the virtues of four of the strongest beasts. They are known to drink, feast and hunt with the same passion and always strive to become heroes among their people.



The feline Charr are a military-based race challenged by their own success. They have gone through defeat from their bitter enemies, the humans, along with repression and civil war. Now, they have returned, reconquered  and restored their original homes. Their capital, the fortress of the Black Citadel stands among the ruins of the human city of Rin, powered by the most developed technology across the land. However, despite their success so far, they still face the threat of the Elder Dragons and the ghosts of their conquerors.



Long time ago a human soldier, named Ronan, planted a weird seed in the Maguuma Jungle, with the help of a centaur called Ventari. For centuries the Pale tree grew, forming branches above the forest, until twenty five years ago when it flourished and the Sylvari firstborn stepped in the world. As the years passed more and more Sylvari opened their eyes in amazement to gaze at a whole new and strange experience. Shaped primarily by the dream that nurtured them before they awakened, the Sylvari now travel Tyria seeking the purpose of their existence.


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