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The Mordrem Invasion Event didn’t quite go how ArenaNet had planned… and that’s putting it mildly. The idea behind it was very cool: in three of the early-to-mid-range maps (Brisban Wildlands, Kessex Hills, and Diessa Plateau), Mordremoth’s horde of Mordrem would invade, and it would be up to the players to beat them back.

From the get-go though, there was a whole lot of confusion, frustration, bugs, and annoyance. For a quick overview of what the event entailed, check out my discussion post here.  I’m going to list a few of the what I think are the pros and cons of this event, and what could be changed for next time.

Vine Crawler Spawner
Level 18 attacking a level 27 vine crawler… Fear my glancing blows!


  •  The three different events we encountered were interesting, and provided players with a variety of tasks to do in order to help out. You could focus on killing Mordrem (which many players did), you could build and fire the catapults, you could throw the explosive seeds at the vine, or you could destroy the vine shields. There was always something you could do at each event, to gain credit for it.
  • The mechanics of the events were cool. Quite why Mordremoth would design vines that spit out husks which drop explosive seeds which can in turn be used to destroy the vine is another matter entirely. However, in each event, you couldn’t just faceroll it; each had a unique mechanic you had to use in order to complete the event.
  • The events appeared all across the map, so players were split up, and didn’t just run around in one big zerg. Zerging is bad, so this was good.
  • No achievements were associated with the event! Those who know me know I love my achievements (currently ranked 83 on the EU AP leaderboards), but I was so glad that there were no achievements to be found here. Can you imagine: complete 40 events; use a catapult to damage a vine; throw an explosive seed to damage the vine; kill 100 Mordrem… you get the idea. With no achievements available, this left people to get on with each event how they saw fit.
  • I liked how there was a daily reward. You got 20 bonus Mordrem Blooms per map per day, so each day you could earn 60 extra blooms. Having a daily reward like this, which is greater than the individual event rewards (more on that below), is good. This means players can hop in and get a decent reward from the daily, and can earn more if they want to grind some more invasions.
  • The 30 minute length of each invasion was sufficient. Any less, and it would have been over too quickly, but any more, and it would have dragged on. Most people can hop on for at least 30 minutes to partake in an event. I also liked the 30 minute break in between each invasion, and the 1.5 hour break was a good idea as well.
  • Overall, I found it fun and hectic.


  • The loot and rewards. This is the big negative of this event. Excluding the 20 bonus Mordrem Blooms per map per day, you could earn a maximum of 15 blooms per invasion. FIFTEEN. The highest tier reward (Selfish / Thoughtless Potion) cost 450 Mordrem Blooms, with the next most expensive items (the toxic and Scarlet armour) costing 225 Mordrem Blooms per piece.
  • If you participated in every single event, you would only earn 1320 Mordrem Blooms. This meant that, contrary to ALL previous events in Guild Wars 2, this was the first time it was simply impossible to earn all the rewards by playing / grinding.
  • As well as the low event rewards and unavailability of the top tier items, each reward item cost silver or gold to purchase, as well as Mordrem Blooms. This disheartened many players and put a bitter taste in their mouths.Mordrem Blooms Loot
  • On top of this, the individual events (though fun, like I mentioned above), gave ZERO experience for completing them, and ZERO karma, and ZERO coin.
  • The Mordrem mobs also dropped NO loot at all.
  • Tag and run. To maximise your own personal rewards, the best tactic was to be selfish: tag an event (kill a few Mordrem, attack the vine), then get out of combat and run / waypoint to the next event. This was the only way to reach 20 stacks of Invasion Defender, and thus earn the 15 Mordrem Blooms.
  • There was no incentive to stick around to help complete an event, when you can easily tag it and move on, letting others complete it.
  • If you disconnected during an event, you lost all your Invasion Defender stacks, and would have wasted your time playing the event.
  • If you played a low level character (which this event was aimed at), you often couldn’t deal enough damage to mobs / the vine to earn credit for an event.
  • Despite suggesting new players find a guild to join to participate in this event, nothing promoted being part of a team. You got more rewards being selfish and doing things by yourself as fast as possible.
  • For those aiming for 20+ stacks of Invasion Defender, it could be quite stressful to make sure you tagged enough events in time.
  • Bugs at the start of the event meaning players didn’t receive their loot, resulting in a lot of anguish and confusion.
21 stacks
21 stacks of Invasion Defender, with over 5 minutes remaining. Tag and run in action!

Feedback & potential changes for next time:

The biggest issue was the rewards, and how you earned them. For such a cooperative game, the invasions became utterly selfish affairs.

  • For future events, I’d like to see rewards based on overall map completion, rather than personal score. For instance, if you completed 0-9 events, you got so many Mordrem Blooms (like 5), then for 10-19 events, you get 10 blooms, 20-29 events, 15 blooms, etc. This would encourage people to work together to complete as many events as possible, promoting teamwork across the whole map.
  • Adding on to this, each event needs to give the players some reward for completing them, be it karma, experience, and / or coin, even if it’s just a little bit. You may get people still waypointing around to tag as many events as possible, but this brings me onto my next point.
  • There needs to be an incentive to stick around and fully complete an event. As an example, when you destroy the toxic offshoots during the Toxic Alliance events in Kessex Hills and Brisban Wildlands, you can harvest a Toxic Seedling node to get Pristine Toxic Spore Samples. Maybe by sticking around and fully completing an event, you can harvest a Mordrem Bloom plant and get some extra blooms that way? These might only stay for a short duration, so tag and run people wouldn’t have time to get them.
  • Alternatively, you have to be within the vicinity of a completed event to earn the rewards from it. This again would stop people who tag and run.
  • If people were incentivised to stick around to complete events, then the Mordrem should also drop loot and give experience, as should doing other things (like building the catapults, or throwing explosive seeds at the vine)
  • A map-wide reward bonus might encourage leechers (which is probably why Anet went with the personal Invasion Defender score instead). I don’t have any smart ideas on how to prevent this. Maybe make the higher tier rewards for a map-wide completion highly desirable, so people actively want to complete as many events as possible?
  • If you’re using an event such as this to promote joining a guild, maybe you could get an extra reward if you’re part of a guild party?
  • There needs to be some sort of safeguard against people who DC mid-event.
  • Rewards: Personally, I’d like to be able to obtain the majority of rewards with a fair amount of grind. If you just do a few events daily, you should be able to get a couple of rewards, but if you decide to spend a lot of time doing events, you should also be adequately rewarded for it. The fact that it was impossible to obtain all the rewards even if you farmed every single event was a bit of a blow.
Pretty sky.
A quick breather before I tag and run again. Look at that sky!

Overall, I enjoyed the event, despite its problems. I found it fun and, yes, thrilling, to tag and run and build my Invasion Defender score, and then when I hit 20 stacks, I could stay around and help complete events fully. I ended up with 645 Mordrem Blooms, which is cool, as it means I can get two armour pieces and the Scarlet’s Champions minis, plus some random tidbits as well. Yay for having time to grind?

Did you take part in the Mordrem Invasion event? What did you think of it? Do you agree with my list of pros and cons, and how would you improve the event? Let me know in the comments below! 

3 thoughts on “Mordrem Invasion Event Feedback

  1. How you dare doing an insightful, well-structured, constructive article on the Mordrem event? You do not belong to the Guild Wars 2 community!

    Just kidding, I’ll never be used to the overreaction that seems to be common this year.

    On a serious note, as you have pointed out, it had quite a lot of problems, but it also was a unique event. It could have gone better, but oh well, it was fun to have (at least) something (different).

    A little off-topic… if I remember correctly, they mentioned that they were going to do another kind of event during the second (or first, I really don’t remember now) day of the Mordrem even. Maybe we got few rewards because that new event was going to give rewards as well, but they decided to pull it back to prevent from further bugs and problems.

    One thing I liked the most about this event was ANet (via Gaile on forums) admitting the problem: “we screwed it up, we are sorry but we cannot fix it, we cannot do any more changes but we are willing to hear all the feedback you have to tell us.”

    Anyways, good post, it was a nice read! 😀

    1. Even though I didn’t get the chance to participate in the event myself and judging by everyone’s reaction to it, I agree that ArenaNet’s response was spot-on. I’m glad they came up front admitting they could do better and ask for everyone’s contribution towards improving for the days to come.

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