Competition – Name Our Baby Dragon


A couple of days ago ArenaNet and NCSoft were kind enough to send us some pretty cool swag for us to host contests with. We decided to pave the road that leads to the expansion’s release with a series of activities that will hopefully make everyone have fun and enjoy themselves.

For us the idea of organizing such events has always resolved around involvement. We never found contests that ask for the participants to follow and retweet them on twitter or others that require no acive input, to be that particularly interesting. That is because we never catered for the numbers. What we truly seek is interaction and several happy faces.

To kick this off then we’ll start with something simple. See, we are raising this baby Dragon of ours, that is part of Dragon Season’s logo, for almost 4 years now but we never got the chance to name it. So, what we need is your help to get this done. Comment below this post with the name you think is the most appropriate for a chance to win a Heart of Thorns lanyard. The winner will be selected from the staff of the site and once he/she’s declared godfather, they’ll have their account name credited in the About page of Dragon Season.

A couple of tips to get you started. We don’t know if the Dragon is male or female. That’s totally up to you to consider. Also, mind that the site’s name is Dragon Season so we must have had our reasons for picking this logo. We won’t share those cause we want your imagination to run wild.

Good luck to everyone. May you all have fun!

The contest will be over in a week’s time (May 8, 3pm UK) and the winner will be announced shortly after. Everyone is eligible to participate as long as they have an active address for us to sent the prize to. We have the right to delete any comment containing offensive names.

20 thoughts on “Competition – Name Our Baby Dragon

  1. I think she’s a female and the name would be Seasonia. Some kind of dragons that has control over the seasons :3

  2. The little dragon is, in my opinion, a male dragon and his name is Ragnavir! In the ancient Draconic language of the Thuum, from the far away land of Skyrim, Ragnavir means “family” and literally that’s what Dragon Season is to me and hopefully to everyone else who was, is and will join us in the future! This little baby dragon has created a second family for people from many different places around the world and with him we have been growing, both literally as a group and metaphorically as personalities learning meaningful lessons from each other! And I hope that in the future this dragon and this family will keep growing so we can ride it to new journeys and adventures!

  3. I think it’s female dragon, so I suggest name Sylvariana … as a reminder, that even though Sylvari are Mordremoth’s minions, they can break the bond with Elder Dragon and be free.

  4. I think that the Dragon should be called Anima, because it is Latin for Soul, everybody knows dragons speak Latin! Why soul? Because it represents what the guild is, DS are at the core of the gaming community and also known and respected by the GW2 devs and community team. DS bring people together from all over the world and welcome all, I think you are the soul of community spirit!

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