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After finishing my goal of collecting all the dungeon tokens needed to craft each and every legendary weapon should I wish to (having the choice is always nice!), I was challenged on Twitter to work out how many tokens the non-legendary weapons require. These are the forgeable weapons that require dungeon tokens. Here are my results!

Ghosts and Gravelings

Do you like to run Ascalonian Catacombs (AC)? Because to get all the dungeon tokens you need, you will be spending a LOT of time in there. How much time? 4500 tokens worth of time. Yep, that’s right, there are nine forgeable non-legendary weapons that require the Gift of Ascalon. Nine Gifts of Ascalon at 500 tokens per gift results in 4500 tokens total. Assuming you run all three paths each day, you’ll earn a minimum of 180 tokens per day (usually more, if you’re lucky and get some bags of wondrous goods from champions, containing 3 tokens). 4500 divided by 180 equals 25 days. 25 solid days of running each path of AC. However, path 2 is evil with pugs, so if you only run path 1 and 3, you’ll earn 120 tokens per day (minimum), reaching 4500 tokens after 37 days. I hope you like killing ghosts and gravelings.

Other Gifts

As well as the 4500 AC tokens. you need a few more tokens from other dungeons too. You’ll need 500 tokens from each of the dungeons Twilight Arbor, Citadel of Flame, and Crucible of Eternity (to craft one weapon each), and 1000 tokens from Honor of the Waves (for the two weapons that need them). Below is a layout of which gifts you need for which weapon. There are 14 weapons in total, so you need to earn 7000 tokens, spread across the five dungeons mentioned above.

Ascalonian Catacombs (Gift of Ascalon) – 9 weapons
Gift of Light: Aether / Azureflame / Eidolon / Foefire’s Essence / Foefire’s Power / Feathers of Dwayna / Wings of Dwayna
Gift of Spiders: Arachnophobia
Gift of Lightning: Mjolnir

Twilight Arbor (Gift of Thorns) – 1 weapon
Gift of the Moon: The Mad Moon

Citadel of Flame (Gift of Baelfire) – 1 weapon
Vial of Liquid Flame: Volcanus

Honor of the Waves (Gift of Sanctuary) – 2 weapons
Gift of Ice: Wintersbark / Wintersbite

Crucible of Eternity (Gift of Knowledge) – 1 weapon
Gift of Souls: The Crossing

There we have it. Lots more dungeon runs required to get all the tokens for these weapons, as well as the legendary weapons. Of course, getting these tokens is the easy part; getting the gold required for the rest of the weapon is the hard part! Are you up to the challenge?

16 thoughts on “Non-Legendary Dungeon Tokens

    1. Please, do us (broke) fellows a favor and hide the top bit of your wallet next time. You know? #devastated :p

    2. That’s insane. I thought I had a fair amount of tokens, but they’re just a drop in the water compared to your total! Is there anything you don’t have yet that you want? Because you can surely afford every single item in the game ><

    3. Well I would love a legendary staff, however the current one is not appealing to me. For now I am happy doing daily dungeon speed tours. You’d be surprised at what the wallets and # of legendaries look like for the exclusive speed dungeon community

    4. Fancy writing up a blog post on how you do your speed runs? What team composition you use, builds, hints and tips, which dungeons you run, etc? Would be interesting to read!

    5. Excellent! Give Tilion a shout, and you’ll probably be able to get writers permission here on the DS website, so we can host the blog for you. Unless you have your own place you write, in which case, link to it here ^^

  1. Just a tip: when I was trying to collect the Charged Lodestones I needed for my Flameseeker Prophecies, I found that it was quite cheaper to forge them. There are two recipes for this. I used this one:

    2 Charged Cores (2x 1.1g)
    1 Mystic Binding Agent (10 laurels per 10 agents)
    1 Pile of Crystalline Dust (17.5s)
    1 Crystal (3 skill points per 5 crystals)

    Total cost is 2.28g , saving you 1g per each Lodestone.

    (yes, you can actually make money out of this *wink*)

  2. You set some serious goals each time Ed. 😀
    Your challenges are great.

    Let me know if you need more help running those dungeons. I’m always up for that.

    1. Haha, thanks. This goal is more a back-of-the-mind goal, something to work towards veeeeeery slowly. Plus, it was interesting finding out how many tokens you need anyway, should you want any of these weapons.

    2. By the way, I hope that at one point these end to be part of a collection so that your challenge is even more meaningful.

    3. All the ones requiring the Gift of Light are for a collection. Unfortunately, they all require hundreds of charged lodestones too ><

    4. Yea, if it were only Gift of Ascalon for Gift of Light, I’d be happy. I’d like the Acolyte of Dwayna collection; however, the thought of collecting X hundreds of charged lodestones make me pale!

    5. You have to be seriously dedicated to want to craft these weapons. I’m not however (yet!), so it’s very much just a slow progress kinda thing for me.

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