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This is the start of a new series I’ll be doing focusing on NPCs in Guild Wars 2. There are a lot of great characters out there that I feel deserve a spotlight. Today I’ll be starting that off today with those adorable balls of blubber: the quaggans. Quaggans are a recent addition to the mainstream culture of Tyria, relatively speaking. They used to dwell in the deep ocean, but the krait began encroaching on their territory and drove the quaggan into shallower waters. Along with krait, Icebrood in the north and Risen in the south are also driving the quaggan from their homes.

Poor quaggans.

Though quaggans are pretty small and cute (and blubbery) they do undergo a process known as ‘the rage’ which causes them to take a more battle-appropriate form. However, they tend to be embarrassed about this and try to remain peaceful so they don’t bring on the rage. There are exceptions: Willoo, in Gendarran Fields, is a prime example. Another one you may run into is Baroosh, who appears in the quaggan branch of the personal story. (The rest of the paragraph contains spoilers about the personal story, so just skip to the picture.) He’s part of the village of Falooaloo in Dredgehaunt Cliffs and he embraces his rage, acting as a warrior in defense of the village. Since most quaggans are ashamed of the rage, Baroosh is forced to live outside Falooaloo where he hunts beasts that could harm the village. Perhaps because he has such an affinity for the rage, he can control himself and even converse calmly when undergoing the rage. You can recruit either Baroosh or the Pastkeeper during the story, but I recommend Baroosh. He’s well worth meeting.

She greets you with “Rawr! Quaggan is mad! Quaggan is foo furious! Quaggan hates you and the egg you came from.”

Quaggans take good care of their young and do their best to keep them hidden and safe from threats. Plus they are so, so cute. And when I say they, I mean both the young and their caretakers. The calves run up to you and say things like “Coo! Quaggan likes you.” And you just can’t help but like them back.

A quaggan caretaker, or “coddler” in Timberline Falls explains
the duties of a coddler.
And now the coddler sings an adorable song.
It’s awfully precious.

Another important duty of quaggans relating to their young is telling them stories of the past, as with Aleepeep in Bloodtide Coast.

I don’t think that Reef Skelk is there for the stories. Jerk.

Quaggans don’t just care for their young, though. Kerlapp in the village of Urgulp in Snowden Drifts has a pet thundershrimp named Luloo that he bonded with. He and his village fled south from Jormag’s minions, so he’s had his share of loss. It’s encouraging to see a quaggan create his own comfort by adopting a pet.

You can see Luloo’s little hearts of love! It’s incredibly sweet.

Nearby is the rather cute couple of Toowal and Nautila, who seem to have met recently in Urgulp, since Toowal mentions not meeting anyone like Nautila in the north. They even call each other the handsomest and loveliest swimmers in all the waters! Another heartwarming example of love through adversity, quaggan style.

They’re such a cute couple.

The Quaggan Games are an event chain in Frostgorge Sound. Historically, the Games involved six quaggan villages but given the recent troubles with Jormag and the icebrood the only participating villages are Orsippus and Twoloop. There’s an event chain where you can help recover a ceremonial Shimmer Bauble, then clear hostile creatures from the area for the games. Then you can gather kelp for the Orsippus champion to eat, since he trained so hard he lost his blubber and needs to eat to get more. There’s another event where you spar with the Twoloop champion, but this event is currently bugged. If you complete it, the event chain stalls and the games never happen. When I was taking screenshots, I did that event so I wasn’t able to get to see the games take place, sadly. But I’m sure they’re entertaining in a way only the Quaggan Games could be.

This is Zuckermaloo, the Quaggan Games arena. Great name, right?

Quaggans take all of their duties pretty seriously. In Bloodtide Coast near the village of Vonooroovah, there’s two quaggan going about their business I’d like to point out. One is a guard named Soumurrasou who’s keeping an eye out for a “huooOOooge shark” that’s been seen in the waters, apparently the size of three or four quaggan. Those extra o’s are probably deserved for a shark like that.

He always says the word ‘huge’ like that in conversation. Every time.

There’s also a quaggan wandering around on land nearby named Anroov who’s collecting domesticated crabs for the village to eat. He’s pretty easygoing and expresses his gratitude for the player in a… unique way.

Happy to help, buddy, but those are some strong feelings there.

There are a couple of musically-inclined quaggan in the village of Soggorsort, in Caledon Forest. Fisher Leudap and Eegyoo both hum a song (which happens to be the Guild Wars 2 theme) that their friends used to play on the nearby pipe organ. Sadly, those quaggans were taken by the krait as slaves and worked to death, so no one knows how to play the organ anymore. But the player can, and if you play it correctly the clam shell opens up to give you a reward!

A pipe organ seems like it would be tricky to play for quaggans and their little stubby fingers, come to think of it.

Most quaggans aren’t recurring characters, but there’s a couple that have popped up repeatedly in the Living Story: Bloomanoo and Peneloopee. And they are a couple; they’ve survived the Toxic Alliance in Kessex Hills, as well as Scarlet’ s attack on Lion’s Arch. They were last seen near Fort Salma during the Entanglement release:

Poor things, surrounded by Mordrem. They have the worst luck.

Bloomanoo and Peneloopee plan to find somewhere safe to raise their own pod of calves, but it seems like safe places are hard to find for them. Good luck, you two. While quaggans overall are pretty peaceful and meek, there are a couple quaggans who want to be pirates. Most notable is the good Captain Suwash, whom players can assist in Lornar’s Pass.

Note that he doesn’t really want to do much piracy,
just make pirates be nice.

Nearby in the lake is the quaggan pirate Peg Leg, who is also trying to be a pirate. He plans on acquiring all the proper accoutrements to be a pirate, not just a peg leg. I’m not sure how he plans on keeping a parrot underwater, though.

When you point out that he doesn’t have a peg leg,
this is his response.

So quaggan pirates aren’t very effective or intimidating, but they are adorable. None more so than this buccaneer, a trick-or-treater from Halloween:

“Twick o’tweet! Twick o’tweet! Quaggan is piwating you! Give quaggan candy!” Yes, please, take all my candy! All the candy you want, you adorable little butterball.

Quaggans are a varied bunch, but they’re all pretty endearing in their own ways. And they often have a personality under their cuteness. They’re well worth talking to, and I hope you all take the time to do so.

4 thoughts on “Non-Players with Character: Quirky Quaggans

  1. Lovely post! Thanks for taking the time to document all these adorable quaggan. I’m impressed that you managed to spell all their names; they are rather loooOOong!

    Although you did miss one poor fellow… he’s hanging around in Dry Top somewhere.

    1. I had a great time researching this article. 😀 And they do tend to have huuuOOOOuuge names!

      I considered poor, poor Drooburt, but he’s too depressing.

  2. This post is so cute!

    It was nice meeting some characters that I didn’t even know they existed and getting to know a few things about them.

    Shows how much detail is put into the world of Guild Wars 2.

    Well done putting this together John. 🙂

    1. That’s exactly what I hope to accomplish with this series! Tyria is such a rich and detailed world filled with interesting characters, and people deserve the chance to get to know them.

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