Picking through the Undergrowth – Life since Heart of Thorns


So, its fair to say that back until October I had hardly touched Guild Wars 2 in months, if not almost a year. I’d fallen out of love with a franchise that had consumed many many hours of my life. I think the final nail was the Scarlet zergs where I felt like I had to chase round, tagging as many enemies as possible, opening hundreds or thousands of loot bags.

Then along came the Druid reveal video and those pets (Wyverns and Tiger im looking at you!) and suddenly im all “where’s my wallet!”. One Beta weekend and lots of jungle exploring and the Mad King later and here we are, Raids available, planning hats on, with half an eye on Wintersday looming on the horizon and Guild Halls that are ever in the need of Kegs and Mugs.

By day I’m a web developer and part of that means I’m always looking for the best/easiest ways to do things, like searching for efficient builds for example. That includes trying to come up with ways to effectively use my time and whilst I’m no expert I thought I’d share some of the tools that I’m using to help me advance.


GW2 Efficiency

I can’t begin to tell you how jealous i feel that someone has come up with this site. It’s a veritable gold mine of information about your Guild Wars 2 experience, where you’re up to, what you can do, how much money you have.  Its also being actively worked on, with achievements having been added recently.

Simply grab an API key from your account page, sign up, paste in that API key and you’re off.

  • Whats that? You cant remember where those pesky Mystic Forge stones are? Click on Account overview and use the search box.
  • Want to check what armor your alto-a-holic Thief has? Account > Characters, click on the Thief, see all the storage, armor, build…

One of my absolute favourite features recently (despite forgetting that I didn’t have a 500 Huntsman) is the Crafting tab. Type in the name of the item you want to create, say Zojja’s Greatbow. Now I know how much that would cost to buy all the mats for…*cue sobbing*. But wait I “will/will not” use my currently owned materials…. One toggle later and I know I could have a lovely ascended longbow for the nominal price of 5g 22s.

Its fair to say that I love this site right now.


GW2 Inventory Cleanup

Whilst this site doesn’t have the polish of GW2 Efficiency, what it does do is help you make the best use of your inventory and who doesn’t need that?

Just paste In your API key and let it whirr away and you’ll be presented with the best ways of improving your inventory. Its not rocket science but I know theres another 27 days of using Mawdrey II ahead of me right now (though its fair to note here that Herta is well worth getting if you’ve got HoT and too much bloodstone dust) and it makes it easy to see where you’ve got partial stacks of mat’s/items lying around.



Whilst I don’t think its database is complete, as an absolute PvP noob until 2 weeks ago this site gave me a great way to get into PvP and run a viable build. With the Guild Wars 2 PvP scene on the up (this week gave us the first ever GW2 Pro league) its worth keeping on top of the latest builds/setup’s.



So Raids are out and right now its all about the Ascended. I’m no expert in this field but there are some strong opinions coming out right now and the loudest one is that you need at least an Ascended weapon and Ascended trinkets as a bare minimum to participate as that timer relies on having the DPS to get that Vale Guardian down in time.

“But im just a poor Elementalist, I cant afford Ascended things” I hear you say. Well yes, if you’re making them, haven’t started on a 500 level crafting profession and are in a hurry, then you’re bang out of luck.

BUT! – if you have Heart of Thorns then you have the perfect avenue into free (yes FREE!) ascended weapons and if you’re playing the game then simple daily rewards/fractals can net you all the ascended trinkets you’ll need.

Have a look at Yggdrasil Achievement for instance. This is a specialization collection/achievement that is unlocked when you start working on your profession’s specialization in Heart of Thorns. Most of the items are simple drops, either in HoT or the rest of Tyria and some you can buy from vendors specific to a certain map. when you are done collecting each and everyone of the items neede you will be rewarded with an ascended weapon:


As for trinkets, well that’s all down to personal preference. Having got into Fractals recently (big thanks to Tilion for his encouragement and Xazzi’s excellent guidance too) the rings drop at a very decent rate. Other items are linked to Living Story Part 2 achievements but one of the very best things about playing Guild Wars 2 every day are Laurels. There’s no effort involved in this procedure, the game just handles them over to you aplenty. You can purchase Ascended trinkets with them, or if you have any Badges of Honor hanging around, the WvW Laurel merchant can make your laurels go even further!


So what are you waiting for? Get logged in, grab your dailies, get on top of your inventory and get working towards that Ascended gear!

6 thoughts on “Picking through the Undergrowth – Life since Heart of Thorns

  1. Great article, and I definitely agree, I love those two sites gw2efficiency and the inventory cleanup. Particularly as a hoarder, my inventory is constantly full.

  2. Thanks LOADS for the feedback guys, first article so really nice to get some input on what im writing and if its useful for people.

    I’m really tempted to try and get something clever worked on in the API’s myself and tie it into DS, maybe a dailies tracker, a WvW outposts tracker would be nice too, that sort of thing. So if you’ve got any ideas of tools that you haven’t seen but would like us to have then please let me know!

  3. Ooooh. You just saved me a LOT of work, gonna check out efficiency as soon as I get home. That was something I needed in a bad way.

    Great article, all of these are things I can use.

  4. It’s short, it’s informative and it’s hands-on. What’s not to like in this article?
    I’ll get right down to business Tim, starting with the gw2efficiency cite!

    (p.s. which used to not work for me a while back, as it couldn’t parse my API…)

  5. Hey Tim,
    Thanks for this great guide!
    The inventory cleanup site is new to me and I will test it out tonight 🙂
    Greez Patrick

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