Professions: Engineer


« I’d explain it all to you, but a demonstration would be more useful. »

Think of machines and mechanisms. Think of devices and tools. Think of gears, screws, levers, gunpowder, bullets and grenades. And even more gunpowder. Imagine dust. Dust that clouds your vision. And mayhem. Blinding flashes and deafening noises. And then, picture a figure, emerging from all this, smiling.

It’s the Engineer, and he’s delighted to see you.

The first thing you’ll notice on Engineers, aside from the narcissistic smile, is the huge sack they carry. They keep there their various Special Skills: backpack kits, weapon kits, turrets, elixirs… But what really draws the attention of the most careful observer is the little shining Tool Belt around their waist. It is the Special Ability that distinguishes this profession, adding both to its beauty and to its complexity. It consists of four keys (F1 to F4), exactly above the weapon slots (1 to 5), similar to the Elementalists’ Attunements.

“Just four slots, huh?” you might ask. “So what.”

“Four alternatives,” the Engineer would respond. “One additional choice for every utility and healing skill I’ve picked.”

Seeing your questioning and disapproving expression on your face, they simply respond with:

“I’d explain this to you, but a demonstration would probably do wonders.”

The Engineer has the least weapon set choices in the game: just ONE two-handed weapon and ONE one-handed weapon for the main hand,TWO (1h) choices for off-hand and ONE aquatic. And that’s it. Oh, maybe also a medium armor to protect them. I see you’re still disapproving.

So, maybe we should talk about those Special Skills for a moment:

a) Weapon kits (2): placed in a utility skill slot (7 to 9), they replace the equipped weapon with the selected kit. That, in turn, replaces all the weapon skills (1 to 5) with those dictated by said kit. There’s some cooldown time between two consequent uses of the same kit.

b) Backpack kits (5). just like the weapon kits, these are also placed in a utility slot and they replace the equipped weapon. Again, weapon skills are replaced and there’s a cooldown for reusing the same kit.

c) Elixirs (5): these are special skills with various results, therefore their placement on the skill bar is not fixed. Some are for healing (slot 6), some are utilities and some are elite skills (slot 0) such as the mighty Elixir X.

d) Turrets (5). These usually belong to a utility slot, except for the Healing Turret which is a healing skill. There are three ways of using a turret: relocating them (can only be done by the Engineer and there’s a cooldown involved), activating “overcharge” (when the turret is deployed, a corresponding icon is activated in the tool belt) which usually grants some kind of group effect and, lastly, invoking a self-destruction mechanism, using the same icon that was used to deploy. The Engineer can only deploy one turret of each type at any given moment and as many turrets (of different types) as they have equipped.

I see you aren’t laughing anymore. You’re correct to do so. The Engineer is inventive, unpredictable, man (or, you know, creature) of the very last moment. They can, with the correct kit choice, make a huge difference during an encounter. Deadly when far away and even more dangerous when near, the Engineer’s role in the battle is location control: all the Turrets, Grenades, Mines and the Rifle (two-handed main weapon) create an almost impenetrable wall of bullets and fragments, while the Shield (off-hand weapon) can provide personal protection, especially since it can also stop spells! If you ever manage to reach the Engineer, however, don’t be too hasty to consider them finished: the Mines, Satchel bombs and the Rifle (which can also knock you back), or even more, the Flamethrower weapon kit, all can take you down on the spot. Probably the Engineers secretly wish for someone to approach them: there’s the possibility of poisoning and blinding the enemy using the Pistol (one-handed main-hand weapon), or using the Net Turret, or messing with them using some sticky glue (again using the pistol)… So many choices, so many ways to defeat you, that you’ll never get tired of their company. And they won’t get tired of yours either, of course.

The Engineer’s identity at a glance:

Ability Tool belt
Normal & Elite Skills What’s known thus far
Special Skills Types Device kits, Elixirs, Turrets, Weapon kits
Traits Explosives, Firearms, Inventions, Alchemy, Tools
Armor Medium

[2h] Rifle

[Main-hand] Pistol

[Off-hand] Pistol , Shield

[Aquatic] Harpoon gun



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