Professions: Necromancer


I was born from Grenth’s wrathful tear and a curse. On a wintry moonless night, blanketed by fierce darkness. Four days and five nights went by and no soul came to pick me up. Until a witch passed by and reluctantly willed to feed me. She initiated me to magic, the black kind. To quench my thirst with blood, to steal lives and harvest souls. Nature’s sullen force I hold in my hands and the borders of your fear, I possess.

I took my first steps in magic treading on corpses and powerful symbols. I learned to harness the plague and summon minions. Until one night, as I was performing a dark ritual, my father Grenth visited to offer me the gift of lich form. He even endowed me with a light armored cloak, which drapes my body up to this day.

Becoming a demon at will is my reward for practicing black magic all these years. The first time I transformed it felt extremely awkward, viewing myself like this. My height tripled and four horns grew on my head. My body took on a ghostly form and I began to float. Do not, ever, think about making me enter this condition because you will then feel much worse than the moment of your death. I shall make you so terrified that you will run from me in horror. You will become vulnerable and stiff, knowing what it is to be marked for death. I shall poison you and your attacks will weaken under a withering aura. You will feel a deathly chill run through you, with but a single sway of my hand. And then, I shall dispatch against you a horde of jagged horrors, to feast upon you.

Your life force is my strength. I am death and I need it. When you bleed, I resuscitate and when you perish your soul shall feed me. I will be invigorated and covered with death shroud, which bestows upon me almighty abilities. My presence will doom you. My glow will guide you blind in a dark path. I shall focus all my power into one drenching life blast. Ultimately, I shall consume all your life through your very bowels, transferring it into my own.

Years of practice has brought me to where I am now. Every weapon in my hands acquires dooming abilities. My axe has chastely claws for a blade, which will sunder you with rending claws carving tunnels across your body. I shall make you lose all your powers with a feast of corruption, feeling helpless before me.

This here dagger can wound you and steal your life with its necrotic bite. Each time I thrust it into your flesh it will suck your health dry, like a life siphon. I will carve the mark of blood on your skin causing you to bleed while my allies become more powerful. I shall turn my dagger on myself and spill my own blood, signing a dark pact for your petrification. And just when you are unable to move, I will cripple you and your comrades with an unholy feast.

My scepter is almighty. It will carve wounds on you and even before you know it, it will spill poison inside them with a curse. Two enormous arms shall rise from the Abyss, the grasping dead pulling and bleeding you so much your whole body will suffer from it. A deathly swarm will descend upon you.

With my focus weapon I shall blind you and weaken your attacks, boiling your enfeebling blood. I will bring you spinal shivers to make you vulnerable.

My warhorn may look like a musical instrument but it takes no more than a wail of doom from it to interrupt all your attacks and poison you. If you didn’t know what can cause a locust swarm, you will feel it, when you see it in front of you, emerging through my horn, drinking your blood.

If you should see me hold my staff, start running; perhaps you can escape. But if I catch up with you, I will freeze you and poison you with chilblains. I will throw a sickle your way to rend your flesh with a reaper’s touch. I will inscribe symbols in the air around you, the reaper’s mark to make you bleed and the putrid mark to make you the recipient of all and any curses you had placed upon my allies. A necrotic grasp will get a hold of you and break your every bone.


I am a child of The Underworld and I can call upon its dark powers to rise in the land of Tyria. With my symbols I can destroy you. With my staff I am able to make you feel weak and vulnerable. Make you bleed and suffer. Best you can do is to do nothing at all, because should you curse either me or my allies it will all come back to you.


My dark nature empowers me to open wells leading to the Hell. Anything exhilarating on you, I shall turn into a curse within a well of corruption. You will feel your blood draining from your body, filling a well of darkness. Your spells are weak, for I can turn them to my benefit inside a well of power. You shall experience such pain, you are going to wish you died inside your well of suffering. On the other hand, with these very powers I can heal myself and my allies, baptizing us in a well of blood.


At my beck and call, Underworld demons shall emerge to Tyria. A bone fiend will attack you and make your legs heavy. Three bone minions will run to meet you and explode on contact. This blood fiend will cure me just as it destroys you. Run if you will, but know that no matter how fast you are my shadow fiend can always catch up and devour you.

My flesh wurm enables me to teleport to its location, so make absolutely sure you are never near it. My flesh golem will attack both you and your allies and will knock you down. My advice to you is this: do not be around when I take on my demon form because, once I do, I shall have an escort of up to eight jagged horrors trailing me even after I abandon my lich form.


Do not presume that this is my most fearful form. I have only so many ways to make you terrified. When that moment comes, you will be unable to attack me as I will have interrupted all your attempts and your fear will drive you to run for your life. You don’t need to worry whether you’ll be embarrassed in front of your allies; I can make you all run together for your lives if I want.


Go now, and leave me at peace. If you so desire to be instructed to black magic as I have been, I can be your mentor. But it is against my advice because, once you have become like me, you will lose yourself and hate everything you love dear.


This is my identity, at a glance:

Ability Death Shroud
Normal & Elite Skills What’s known thus far
Special Skills Types Marks, Wells, Minions, Fear
Traits Spite, Soul Reaping, Curses, Death Magic and Blood Magic
Armor Light
Weapons [2h] Staff
[Main-hand] Scepter, Axe, Dagger
[Off-hand] Focus, Warhorn
[Aquatic] Spear, Trident


– George Merkouris


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