Revenant Week


Over the past few days ArenaNet released lots of information regarding the ninth proffession to be included in Guild Wars 2, the Revenant. Today I’d like to do a little summary of what you need to go through in order to be all caught up with the latest news.

Roy Cronacher, a game designer at the development studio, wrote a blog post describing the main aspects of the new profession. That seems to has it roots deeply into the grounds of the original Guild Wars. Not only from a lore’s perspective, as Revenants are empowered from familiar Legends of the past, but also from the very mechanics that compose their playstyle.

What’s interesting except for the addition to the proffession roster per se, in my opinion, is the introduction of some all-new tech. Heart of Thorns will bring new ways to Crowd Control, with Taunt being the leading example, as well as a reimagined form of the stability boon. From what we heard I can see combat receiving a facelift, now focusing on even more strategic gameplay, opening up the possibility for some interesting scenarios that may shake-up the core of PvE.

Coming up next you can find the links to interviews ArenaNet gave to various press outlets on the Revenant reveal. They contain some interesting tidbits that were not included in the original post in order to maintain widespread exclusivity.

Now, this week’s “Points of Interest”, the show the devs host to talk about the game, focused on the Revenant as well. There they showcased all they talked about in the blog post and the interviews, live in the game. Let me say that this episode in specific was the best we have ever experienced, not because it featured new in game footage, but rather because it felt true. Yes, the gameplay was fun. We saw it being fun. And, sincerely, you don’t need me or anyone else to dictate to you what’s actually fun.

Until next time, be well Tyrians.

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