Smash the Dragon


The tradition of the Dragon Festival originates back in the era of Guild Wars 1. It was a time where people used to worship Dragons, be it by organizing spectacular activities or by bringing to life marvelous spectacles. So magnificent the whole custom was, that everyone throughout Tyria could be heard discussing about it. Such times though, have come and gone… Dragons these days have left their lair and haunt our dreams. We cannot celebrate about them anymore. It’s either us or them now.

Dragon Festival has been transformed this time around, into a totally different holiday. Summer is about to kick-off coming Tuesday (June 11) with Dragon Bash, a celebration for all of those aspiring dragon hunters who roam across the lands of Tyria.

Those of you that took part in the events of Halloween or Wintersday, you’ll be quite familiar with the concept of a festivity in Guild Wars 2. Most of the aspects that made those two successful, are expected to make a return. Lion’s Arch will be decorated once again, following the Dragon Bash theme, while Dragon Piñatas and Holographic Projectors will be scattered all around Tyria. In addition to that, two new activities are going to be introduced. Dragon Ball will be the natural descendant of the Dragon Arena, a mini game which kinda resembled the ways of real life Dodgeball. Moa Racing on the other hand will offer the players a sort of gambling vibe and it is going to be a permanent addition to the game. Last but not least, I would like to mention that Dragon Bash will be part of the Living Story. That means that, from now on festivities will take place during the game’s actual plot, which is definitely something to look forward too.

So, you may ask, why would you attend such a festival? I’m sure that it will be filled with fun, but yeah let’s all accept that there’d better be a far more serious reason for you to be there. And trust me, there are more than one reasons to do so. Dragon Helmets, Holographic Dragon wings, Jade weapons and exclusive miniatures are some of the new rewards that are going to show up with the upcoming patch.

Even if it is a release focusing on a celebration we are talking about, this doesn’t mean that it is not coming along with a couple of extra generic goodies. The PvP Leaderboard calculation formula is getting some attention, managing to actually depict more clearly what is going on in the rated PvP scene. Speaking of rated play, eligible shoutcasters will now be able to spectate specific matches, further promoting this side of the game.

That’s all for now folks. Until next time, be sure to bash some Dragons!

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