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Just over a year ago, I posted a guide to the newly introduced Collections and how one can go about completing them with the least effort possible. The launch of Heart of Thorns saw the coming of a multitude of new ones as well as the expansion of the first bunch. After taking several, long, looks at the new ‘Collections’ tabs in the Hero window, the bug bit me. Challenge was accepted, the gauntlet got picked up and here’s what I’m proud to call ‘The Heart of Thorns Collectors’ Bible’!

For the record I wish to state that this is still a ‘work in progress’: my main source of information, the official wiki, is still incomplete as there’s still no info available for some collections, e.g. the Legendary Armor and some later tiers’ Legendary Weapons (precursors). Besides those, everything else has been documented and verified to the best of my abilities in the .xls file you can find at the end of this article. To help you get an idea of the amount of work -and time and love!- ArenaNet developers have put into this feature, take a look at the following table:

Collection category / Release pre-HoT HoT
Basic 36 68
Rare 13 16
Black Lion 26 26
Special 15
Legendary Weapons 72?
Legendary Backpiece 3
Legendary Armor ?

N.B. My original .xls file (pre-HoT Collections) comprised of 473 lines; new file, incomplete as it may still be, is 1055 lines long!

Before you download and open the file, a fair word of warning: you will be intimidated by it! To help ease the eye strain and pluck up your courage, let me give you some advice. First, you should really read the first article, particularly the section titled “How do I use this (huuuuuge) table?”, as it describes the way this file is meant to be used. Then, come back here and look at the following notes.

  • If you wish to work on a specific Collection (because it’s almost complete and you want to acquire what you’re missing, for example) you must filter the table by ‘Collection title’ (Column C).
  • If you wish to collect everything there is to collect from a specific area and be done with it, you must filter the table by ‘Area’ (Column E). In this case however, you should always keep two facts at the back of your head:
    • some items can be acquired in a range of maps, e.g. throughout <Kryta> or even <Tyria>. This means that, even if you have filtered ‘Area’ = ‘Queensdale’ there might also be other things you can do while there! To see what these are, remember to do a separate filtering later, with ‘Area’ = <Kryta> !
    • <Tyria> is a very big place. Having said that, if you try ‘Area’ = <Tyria> you’ll see there’s a lot of things to do… there. My advice is to check the description (of what you’re trying to achieve) and more importantly the ‘Where/From’ column (G) which -usually- contains info about the place(s) or way(s) you can acquire what you seek.
  • ‘Purple’ lines are Collection sets, or ‘Titles’. To single them out you have to filter the table by ‘HoT req’d’ = <not empty>. The correct total is 132 – see comment in ‘Machined Weapons’ below.
  • Due to information on Ascended Weapons and Armor being incomplete, I’ve only included the four Collections pertaining to the creation of the new Legendary Axe, Astralaria. Please take a good look at these to fathom the amount of work/love that has gone into just this one type of Collection! <3
  • ‘Uzolon’s Mechanical Orchestra’ (under ‘Rare’): information about this Collection is still unavailable as only those who have mastered the ‘Scribe’ discipline (400) are able to collect and spread it. And these people are still very scarce to come across or like to keep the secrets of their craft to themselves :p
  • Machined Weapons (under ‘Basic’): there’s a total of 16 Collections here, one for each in-game weapon type. However, for ease of use I’ve compacted them in just one, generic group titled ‘Machined <Weapon>. This is why filtering the table by ‘HoT req’d’=’YES’ & ‘Category’=’Basic’ the math don’t add up:  you’ll come up with just 17 Collections, whereas the actual number is 17-1 (generic Machined coll.)+16 (actual Machined coll.)=32. Adding these to the 36 ‘pre-HoT’ ones, yields the correct total of 68 mentioned on the wiki page ^_^
  • Lastly, I think I can excercise my bragging rights: the ‘Bible’ I present you with is so awesome that it even incorporates the entire process of collecting the Carapace and Luminescent armors! May I remind you, that said process is so complicated and elaborate that it deserved an entire article back in the day \o/

Without furthere ado then, download the file and start Collecting!

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