The Newbie Blogger Initiative 2016


The “Newbie Blogger Initiative” was originally started by Syp from Bio Break in 2012. Since then, it has run every year in May organized by various people and it has always been supported by veteran bloggers welcoming those new to the blogging world. You can find more about the background here. This year, it takes place in June, so even though this post here is a few days late, there is still lots of time left for you to join!

The main goal of the Newbie Blogger Initiative is to have a platform to get help and advice for those who want to start their own blogging experience (e.g., “Statistics and Metrics” by Contains Moderate Peril), be it about games or other things.

The main interaction seems to take place on Discord this year, but there is also twitter and the forums as well as various veteran bloggers who you can also directly ask if you’ve got any questions about blogging. And if you are wondering who else is new – or who the veterans are – you can have a look at the spreadsheet that Rambling Redshirt created.

Throughout this month, you can expect a lot of blog posts about basic questions and advice, but there are also writing prompts to get you started.

So, if you ever thought about starting your own blog: Now is the best time to do so! And let me give you one piece of advice: In case you are wondering “Does the world even need another Guild Wars 2 (or any other game that you’re passionate about) blogger?” the answer is: YES! It’s as simple as that. 🙂

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