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Dead men tell no tales and here am I in the midst of you, in one piece. It’s not the rum that does the talking, it’s the plunder in my pockets. It’s the scar beneath my eye and the stigma on my chest. Let the ways of the old become forgotten. Let death strike from above. Ahoy there me hearties, bring forth the thunder!

A couple of days ago a new update was released for Guild Wars 2. Sky Pirates of Tyria” introduces the players to new spectacular PvE content, rebalances the existing professions and for the first time allows the general public to have access to its own custom arena in PvP.

Let’s have a closer look at what came along with the said patch, starting with the latest Living Story chapter. The Aetherblades have invaded Tyria. This so called pirate faction makes its first appearance, wrecking havoc in Lion’s Arch, during the Dragon Bash festival. Our hero, Ellen Kiel, along with her trusted Lionguard is on the lookout for their hideout, in order to track down and finally bring into justice their captain. The action, this time around, takes place inside a new story dungeon, located in Lion’s Arch. The instance follows the steps of the Flame and Frost dungeon, released a couple of months ago, making its content pretty challenging and in the same time rewarding. As its predecessor, this dungeon will be in the game for a limited time only (till the 9th of July), so be sure to pay a visit to those wet caverns before they bid farewell. In addition to that, a new Jumping Puzzle related to this whole concept is expected to show up on July 2.

So far so good, you may say, but you wouldn’t see me pleased. After all, I’m sure that all of you might know how much of a greedy being I am. Anyway, let’s move on with some profession balancing.

Public Service Announcement: Your traits have been reset.

This update is the very first since release, that includes balance changes of such scale. We are talking about almost every single trait line being affected, lots of weapon and utility skills getting modified and of course number tweaking. Moreover, a new condition going by the name ‘Torment’ is introduced in the game enriching the arsenal of Necros, Thieves and Mesmers.

And just before leaving you guys alone for a couple of days again (Please ArenaNet, let me catch my breath for once. Don’t you even know what that ‘pause’ button is about?), I would like you to meet a brand new merchandise system. The option of ‘Gifting’ is, at long last, implemented into the Gem Store! Isn’t that great? Now all you have to do is head there, click that little yellow icon located next to the brand new armor sets that made their way into the store and gift them to me. Wink, wink.

Anyway, let that Charr self of mine be. Until next time, “Stay safe and remember to roam for fun”.

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