Two Lingering Questions About Legendary Armor Sets


Ever since I got into trying Raids in Guild Wars 2 – knowing that they are tied to Legendary Armors – I kept wondering about two very important matters. To an extend, I preferred to hold on to the thought in the back of my mind, until the appropriate time. But let me start from the beginning here.

I was casually browsing Reddit, as I often do, until I noticed a topic on the front page called “ANet, players that don’t raid also deserve legendary armor!“, which caught my interest. At first I thought “Oh God, here we go again“, but after all it turned out to be a joke post about aquabreathers. As usual in this community though, many people got angry about it and the thread attracted raiders and non-raiders alike, only for yet another heated discussion to be kicked off.

Among the usual trolling nature of several comments, there was this particular one which, in all seriousness, claimed that people who don’t actually raid truly have rights on the Legendary Armor! Of course someone replied to this statement, angrily so, saying that those people shouldn’t have the rights to anything similar, quoted: “Plus what are you gonna use the legendary armor for anyway? Pretty sure you can kill tequatl just fine in rare armor.“. I found that statement kinda harsh and I tried to defend the poor soul that “dared” talk about the importance of Legendary Armor in Guild Wars 2. And even though, I admit, my reply turned out to be a bit sarcastic in nature, it was at that point when I suddenly remembered about those two lingering questions I had in my mind concerning Raids and Legendary Armors since forever! So here I am, writing this post trying to figure out the answers to them.

First question is addressed to the hardcore raiding community of the game, the ones who are the most passionate about maintaining the “purity”, so to speak, of their favorite type of content in Guild Wars 2. Hence I ask you:

“What are YOU going to be using Legendary Armor for? Why do you need it so?”

Ever since Raids came out, people have been crafting Ascended Armor sets left and right while looking to perfectly gear up their character stat combo-wise. Or rather I should say characters, plural, since you might need to swap from one properly geared profession to another, should the occasion call for it. Basically, what I am saying is that in order to be successful in Raids you need to be as versatile as possible. In the very end, it is more preferable to be in full Ascended gear, since groups usually choose to fill in their spots with people equipped with that instead of exotic pieces. Now this, I know, leaves many people out from even attempting to try Raids, hence having fewer people giving this kind of content a go.

And to be honest, isn’t that kinda sad? Forsaken Thicket is an amazing map with great encounters and boss fights. It features some fantastic lore and story that builds up to Living World Season 3. Yet for that sole reason, not everyone is willing to experience it.  Some people don’t have the fortitude to create 2-3 Ascended Armor sets, which in many cases can be really tedious and expensive. These, more casual, players have no intention of spending their precious leisure time on building their characters to become stat-versatile for such kind of content.

Here’s the kicker though: Is there really no easy way to be stat-versatile? Of course there is! Legendary Gear! I, myself, crafted Ad Infinitum (the Legendary Fractal backpiece) because of that very reason. I will never need to craft another ascended backpiece, EVER! Same goes with Legendary weapons of each kind.

So what do hardcore raiders really need Legendary Gear for? They apparently already have all the Ascended gear they need, to have access to their favorite content… What exactly is the reason? I’m not being sarcastic here. I sincerely wonder. Is it just for the prestige and having a skin different to everyone else’s? One could easily distinguish those that have already achieved quite a few feats in raids by just taking a look at all the raid-specific weapon skins they sport or the titles they have acquired.

And this leads me to my second question, which is even more important one to me. This one is addressed to the more casual non-raider players of the game:

“Would you be more inclined to raid if you had Legendary gear? Would it perhaps be a big push for you to give it a go?”

Making the Legendary Armor be available outside of raids (Please mind the wording – I do not mean that raids should not feature legendary armor) and giving through that to everyone a way to stat-swap on the fly, would be, in my opinion, a huge boost towards making the Raid content even more popular. This could even pave the way to a much-requested and much-needed feature, that of build templates. This approach could do nothing but benefit the game as a whole. By allowing players to craft Legendary Armor outside of Raids, they would only need to work on their skill in order to be able to tackle the most difficult group-oriented content. I’m sure raids have other problems as well, and I’m not claiming that they are perfect in any way at this point, but we have to start from somewhere if we were to improve access to them.


I really hope that people all across the community express their opinions and try to answer these two questions. A reasonable response to the matter could spark a great discussion, in my opinion, no heat needed! As a final note, I’m inclined to admit that this is in fact a controversial topic for some and I would like to say that my cause is NOT to offend anyone in any way. Let’s make it happen people! Feel free to discuss the topic to your heart’s content!

5 thoughts on “Two Lingering Questions About Legendary Armor Sets

  1. Heya,

    I think most people want Legendary armor because we want to look epic. I have the Legendary backpack (& hopefully soon 2) and 3 nearly 4 weapons. I never transfer equipment between players. I just make another player and gear it differently, so I wouldn’t want legendary rated stuff for that reason.

    I purely make them for the skins and just apply the skins to other chars via wardrobe. Saying that I am just 1 person, I could be one of those odd ones.

    The only benefit I can see Legendary armor bringing to raids (apart from raiding in style) is stat swapping on the fly. Obviously we don’t know how runes and stuff will take part in Legendary armor, if there was a way to store them then stat sapping on the fly each raid would be great for the hardcore raiders.

    I personally think there should be a way for all people to make Legendary Armour. Maybe the next generation will cover this, everyone deserves to look good, after all…. this is “Fashion Wars 2” and we all know you play better when you have better looking skins 🙂

    The bitchy will always bitch and a certain group of raiders do feel only they deserve legendary armor. :/

    p.s. – I have pugged loads of raids and have only been gear checked once or twice!

  2. Before discussing anything, I’d like to say great article! It’s been an enjoyable reading. Now, to start things off:

    There is always this clash between gating great rewards behind specific content. It’s a natural thing bond to happen when a decision of this kind happens. So, the very problem here is people would want Legendary Armor (LA) outside of Raids, because of whatever reason (time, gold-sink…) they cannot commit to Raids.

    Now, to the questions. About the first one, the answer would come “easy”. It’s a long-run investment. Thinking on the long term, the metagame is going to change, due to balance changes that will come eventually. If you add to that the fact new Elite Specializations will come with future expansions, chances are the gear stats requirement will change. I’d say you save money in the long run, instead of having to craft every single stat ascended armor you would need in the future.

    Add to that, the ease to try out new builds and help the community finding gold-efficient stats and builds to do any kind of content!

    About the second question, that’d depend on every player. Would they have any reason to do Raids if there is little reward tied to it? Do they avoid Raids because they don’t have the time, they don’t have the gold or they are simply not interested in them?

    Given the lengthy nature of Legendary stuff, if you don’t have the time, they would take a sheer amount of time to get the Legendary Armor anyways. If they don’t have the gold, most probably they won’t get LA anytime soon. If they are simply uninterested, they would craft it, and amybe, just maybe, they would try Raids out.

    Just some thoughts here. Everything said needs nuances of course, but there are some broad ideas on the topic.

    Once again, great read! 😀

    1. Thanks a lot Pablo, I appreciate the thought 🙂 If only more people in the community had opinions like yours 😀 Thanks again!

      Also keep in mind that as future content comes out more stat combos will arrive and different raid encounters will become a reality. Thus the value of legendary armor and gear in general will become even greater.

  3. Somehow I have a hard time picturing a world, in which people who refuse to craft another set of asc armor, would craft a legendary set instead. Armor, that is much more expensive and timegated.

    Legendary armor, being tied tightly to specific challenging content will be fully a prestige thing. The utility and qol provided in my opinion isn’t worth the investment and it is much easier to get few ascended sets than one legendary set.

    Besides I think there was a statement from devs saying that other legendary armor sets in the future will be tied to different things, it was never meant to be a raid only thing, just the first set is tied to raids.

    1. Legendary armor might be that more expensive but at the same time is that much more useful, to be exact 28 times more 😀 since it gives you about 28 different stat combinations.

      Right now it might not be needed to raid but in the future where different stat combos will be needed to experience content and more ascended armor sets will need to be crafted I think it will seem more prefferable to get the Legendary one.

      And in the end I believed that people entered the raids because they liked the experience, there are ample rewards on the side for magnetite shards, but I for example would like to have the Legendary set to purely experience the content, not get the rest of the rewards 🙂

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