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I have seen that several of our writers here at Dragon Season have already shared their impressions from the Heart of Thorns beta event. However, “Tyria Talking” is not about promoting our own articles, but about trying to collect and show off all the different topics on various fan sites, blogs etc. about a specific topic.

To me, it seems that almost every single player got into the beta, but I know that my sample is skewed (just look at our lucky writers here) and quite a lot of people could only “watch from the outside”, so I figured posts about the recent beta test is the perfect topic for this week’s “Tyria Talking”. If you know of a blog post that doesn’t appear here (or if you have even written one yourself!), feel free to tell me – and everybody else – in the comments to this post!

GW2_HoT Beta May 2015_024b
Let’s jump right in and begin with Jeromai from “Why I game” who is looking forward to playing the new map with organized players once the expansion has arrived. In the meantime, he shares some of his beautiful screenshots with us, together with his impressions, of course.

Why I game: “GW2: Heart of Thorns Beta Screenshots”

Speaking of beautiful screenshots, Lewis from TenTonHammer posted some pretty impressives ones, too! He also mentions that he noticed a performance improvement on the new map. Interesting! I am also quite jealous of the people who get to play with folks from ArenaNet… :p

TenTonHammer: “Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Closed Beta Impressions”

Ravious from Kill Ten Rats decided to focus on one thing instead of trying to take everything in at once. If you’re interested in the Itzel, this is where you can read about a meta-event chain concerning that NPC race. In case you couldn’t guess: This post contains story spoilers, so approach with caution!

Kill Ten Rats: “[GW2] The Verdant Itzel Story (Beta)”

David from mmorpg.com shares his opinion in a relatively short post (compared to some of the others). He focuses on the events that he experienced, since for him those stole everything else (yes, apparently also the look of the map) the show.

mmorpg.com: “Guild Wars 2 Previews: The Beta Was Eventful”

Verene from Under the Pale Tree mainly focused on exploring the new area, but she also touches on the subjects of the Revenant, the new map, the events on said map and, of course, the look of the new zone.

 Under the Pale Tree: “The Verdant Brink”

GW2_HoT Beta May 2015_313
Lots and lots of Revenants covering the ground with roads
(this is the “Inspiring Reinforcement” skill) during the beta test

GuildMag released two articles about the beta. The first post from Miko focuses on the Revenant and Miko’s impressions of playing the new profession. This post goes into quite some detail of how fighting felt with the Revenant, so if you are curious about this aspect, go read it. Kent, on the other hand, writes about the Verdant Brink map. As you can probably guess by now, it starts with a spoiler alert. Because of the potential spoilers, I will not tell you much more about his post. Go and read it if you’re curious. Maybe you also just want to scroll down to read about his impressions of the day/night cycle, though.

 Guild Mag: “Heart of Thorns Beta: The Hype is Real” and “Filled to the Verdant Brink

Mel from Guild Wars Players covers all possible topics about the beta in two separate posts. It starts with impressions about the Revenant, then covers the story and the events (careful, spoilers!) while the second post quickly glimpses at the map, the masteries and the NPCs we could meet during the beta event.

Guild Wars Players: “Beta Impressions Part 1: Revenant, Story and Events” and “Beta Impressions Part 2: Map, Masteries and Creatures

Ed Orr on Pixel Dynamo also looks at the new content we could play during the beta test and assesses whether the underlying systems are a good foundation for giving us players new repeatable content.

Pixel Dynamo: “Preview – Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns”

GW2_HoT Beta May 2015_237
It looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Dog G6 and Mari start their new article series “The Lonely Mesmer” with a post about their experiences in the Guild Wars 2 beta. Contrary to the name of this series, they played the Revenant (who, other than me, did not? ^^) and write about their experiences with this profession, too.

 Dog House Gaming: “The Lonely Mesmer #1: Heart of Thorns Beta Preview”

Age also provides a look at the beta sharing her opinions on the mastery system user interface, the map and exploration. Like many others (including me), she found the UI for the mastery system a bit confusing.

Age’s Gaming: “Thoughts On The Second Heart of Thorns Beta”

Dungeon Adventures have a closer look at the character creation for the Revenant while hoping that we will get an additional character slot with the expansion (still no word about this, in case you were wondering).

Dungeon Adventures: “Dungeon Adventures Beta Test”

The last of our “external” posts for this article is from Hunter on Hunter’s Insight. He took some time before providing us with his feedback and impressions of the beta – and no, “some events didn’t work!” is not one of his complaints. 😉

Hunter’s Insight: “Brinkmanship”

Last but not least, our own writers here at Dragon Season have published three articles.

Jluxuriate was the first one to provide his opinion of the beta test. While he generally enjoyed his time in the beta, he shares some criticism about the map during night time. Northerner starts by showing off the one screenshot that has probably been shared the most often from that beta test (scroll down to see mine :p) and commenting on the beauty of the new map, but he also shares his concerns about the expansion. Tilion offers a different angle by commenting on the new hylek race, but criticizes the current lack of challenging content (which we will apparently see at a later time as it is yet not announced by ArenaNet).

Dragon Season: “Heart of Thorns: Beta the Second”, “On the Brink of Something Verdant – Impressions from GW2:HoT Closed Beta” and “Betas or Previews of the Expansion

GW2_HoT Beta May 2015_248
This place is probably the one that impressed us beta testers the most.

Most of the impressions are pretty similar. Some came out of the beta test with a very positive opinion, others with a more critical one, but overall, we are all rather optimistic. The one thing that apparently stood out to almost everybody was the look of the new map. Kudos to the world designers at ArenaNet for impressing us all! I also got the impression – not just from reading those articles, but also from playing the beta test myself – that most chose to play with Revenant. Of course, playing an unfamiliar profession means that you cannot play as well as you could with your main character. Still, a few people commented on the lack of challenging content. However, beta is beta and we also have not yet seen the announced “challenging content” that we will get to see with the expansion. The Masteries UI confused a few and we were left wondering how you actually unlock things like gliding. This is something that ArenaNet will have to work on. Some liked the day/night cycle, others did not. And, of course, the big questions are: How many new maps will we get? How big or small is the glimpse we could take during this beta test?

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  1. This is amazing Paeroka, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Also, I spot myself in the banner at the top! I’m the orange-haired golden-armoured asura sitting at the 11 o’clock position ^^

  2. Such a great summary!

    I think that every post regarding the Beta is here.

    You did an amazing job putting this together.

    Thank you!

    1. The English ones, at least.

      I did also find some German ones (not from German blogs, though… I still don’t think those even exist), Spanish, lots of French and other languages. It was nice to see! 🙂

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