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Something huge is about to hit our clients today. There’s a storm coming and I can sense that some of you may not even be aware of it.

February’s update is almost here and it’s bringing along lots of goodies. From Guild Missions to sPvP, further changes on the daily achievements system and even the long awaited “item preview” feature that’s going to be implemented in the Trading Post, this patch has something to please every kind of player.

Let’s kick-off with Guild Missions. A few days ago the whole system was unveiled on the official site. It is described as a combination of fun and coordinated content which aims at bringing lots of people together and rewarding teamwork. This is something that the game was in need of since its release and has finally found its way to us. Five different types of Guild Missions have been introduced so far which range from Jumping Puzzles to Bounty Hunts.

Structured PvP love you say? Yes! It may took a while, but this time around those interested in PvP will actually witness some changes in this part of the game. As it was announced yesterday, Paid tournaments will be replaced with one round Free tourneys. These will come along with a brand new match-making system which promises to provide fair match-ups for the participants. Last but not least, February’s update will introduce “Spirit Watch”, a map that is going to bring along for the first time the “Capture the Flag” element in the sPvP mode of Guild Wars 2.

Before I wave goodbye once again, I would like to mention that if you guys want to learn more about the future of the game, you should definitely have a look at the interview that Colin Johanson gave to us last week in London. The man can’t hide his smile when he is around us and the photos that our representatives took with him, yesterday, in Portugal, prove it all!

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