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Sometimes the community can be very demanding. In most of the cases it’s not even right to justify that behavior. At times like these though, when an expansion release is imminent, it sounds like the best opportunity to get things done. In a constructive way then, one that takes under consideration both demand and development, I’ll try to put together a list of things that would be nice to see in game in the near future.

First of all, let’s be clear about something. What we ask for is not necessarily what the game needs. Especially when different players seek to have a different experience out of it. Putting aside what’s announced to be included in Heart of Thorns already and based almost solely on suggestions that have popped up more than once in various forums online, my list includes those features that will lay a solid foundation for the years to come.

In no particular order then, let’s get to the point.


Hero Panel Overhaul

The Hero Panel acts as the main interaction of the player with the UI. It includes all those elements that one has to go through in order to tinker with their character. Up until now, it has gone through many iterations all of which lacked one thing, focus. The wardrobe wasn’t in place before, the achievement panel had a different purpose and areas like the one displaying skills weren’t designed having in mind the inevitable future expansion. Now that a proper direction has been established, I think that it’s a good time to clear some things up. Hero Panel 2.0 should be built  in a way so that the devs won’t have to deal with another redesign for a long time. Think of the treatment the Trading Post got back in September 2014.

Build Templates

You have no idea how much I want to see this implemented. I’m one of those people that avoid the hassle of playing around with builds, simply because I tend to easily forget what I was using before. Thankfully the original Guild Wars comes to the rescue with the idea of Build Templates. There, this concept basically used to serve as a way to save your skill set and restore it at any point at will. Sadly, with the sequel allowing for much more customization than its predecessor, adding this feature isn’t as simple as some may think. There are quite a few factors needed to be taken under consideration and while it’s easy to store skills and traits at their particular state, it’s quite hard to deal with the numerous gear stat combinations. Perhaps the solution could be to broaden the ability to swap stats on the fly? Like you can do with Legendary equipment?


There’s already an interface dedicated to PvP Builds in the game which could underlie the appearance of Templates.


Megaserver Improvements

I’ve been asking about this quite a lot lately. Ever since Megaservers were introduced I remember the devs saying how they would monitor them closely until they are happy with their behavior. Have we reached that point yet? Personally, I believe that they could use a few improvements. For instance, I’m not that particularly fond with the idea of using the LFG tool as a mean to jump between overflow instances. It’s not practical at all and at the same time the LFG loses its original purpose. Instead, a new interface could be introduced that allows the players to swap to a different shard according to population. Also, there should be a way to reserve your spot in the map, for a minute or so, in case of a possible disconnection. This is kind of a big deal, especially in WvW where you have to go through the long entry queues for a second time.

Wallet Expansion

The wallet has been around for quite some time now and while it’s been one of the features the community appreciated the most upon its release, it could use some additional love nowadays. Like I mentioned before, when designing something you should be aware of any future implications it may have. With more and more types of currencies finding their way in the game, it would be more than convenient seeing them automatically having a place in the wallet. Additionally, there are quite a few materials that for some reason are not considered collectibles, Doubloons and Foxfire Clusters being some of those. Treating them so, would provide everyone with some much needed free space and of course keep things a little bit tidier.


The wallet could go from its current tiled view to that of a list
so that it can store additional currencies.


A Use for the Ascended

Do you remember any period of time when Ascended gear wasn’t a topic of controversy? Lately, the main issue with it has been finding a use for all those extra pieces that overflow everyone’s banks. Be it either a way to salvage them or forge them into something more useful, I’m sure even the most demanding would be pleased by at least having an option.

Right Click to Consume All

Honorable mention saved for last. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could simply right click on a stack of things, say luck, in the inventory and have an option there to consume it all? Of course, there would have to be a typical prompt in place in case someone accidentally selects that. Man, that would save so many mice…

6 thoughts on “What we ask for

  1. I couldn’t agree more – on all of them!
    I wish to add just a couple of comments:

    a) Doubloons are upgrades and that’s why they can’t fit in the wallet, imho
    They SHOULD however expand the wallet or add a ‘cabinet’ type item that will hold Living World items! Bandit Crests, Geodes, etc. How about that?

    b) Hero Panel > Personal Story & Living Story cinematics should be re-watchable on demand, via a button there. Make it happen, please.

    c) Living Story achievements: skippable cutscenes and retry achievement options!

    d) Ascended Amulets & Accessories: add the option (MF recipe) to upgrade them to Infused. I don’t know why this hasn’t happened already yet.

    1. I didn’t say that Doubloons should be added to the wallet. They can have their own tile in the collectibles tab of the bank. Foxfire too. And lots of other stuff. Like Mystic Forge materials for example.

  2. Very good article chris with features that should be already in the game. Eventually when they will be added the game will be much more pleasant. Of course I have a lot things (and not just features) to suggest that I would like to see in the game with the coming of the expansion and I will do that with an article, when I will find spare time.

  3. well i have to agree in some parts

    Hero Panel at this point is a mess of stuff which doesn’t have any connection. f.e. the wallet you also mentioned would fit better in the inventory UI rather in the Hero Panel ..

    but these which the developers have to see through your post are the build Templates, there is no obvious reason for this feature to be missing..!

    But for the Megaserver i have no idea… For me personally the whole idea is a step backwards in terms of an MMORPG. I can’t imagine any or any reason to fix this, cause i can’t see how technically this can be improved. I typed “fix” cause this is a problematic situation in which the whole community seems to fly in the same sky but it is fragmented at the same time.. The Megaservers just destroyed the term online community. For me it would be better to return in previous state, but this sounds negative. Or increase the size of populations per map but add collision detect for the Characters something which also add value in WvW and PvE raids…

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